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  • TPP set to be signed in New Zealand tomorrow, prior to Congressional ratification

    WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) — According to the White House, on 4 February 2016 the much debated Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, TPP, is due to be signed in New Zealand, at a Trade Minister level. However, in the United States, the Agreement is yet to be passed by Congress. The agreement is, in essence, a free trade agreement. Twelve countries came together with the aim of liberalizing trade and investment in the Pacific Rim. Each country came to the negotiating table with a clear strategy and list of gains it wished to see. As with any negotiations in any sphere of business, each country won some gains and compromised in others.

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    Departing from this site’s usual practice, we are posting not a baseball column but a speech I prepared for delivery Sunday afternoon at an event at Pittsburgh’s Heinz History Center honoring the late Myron Cope, a triple threat of a writer-broadcaster and creator of the Terrible Towel. As you can see, Cope and I had […]


    Some people collect baseball cards. Others collect coins. Still others collect stamps. The Los Angeles Dodgers are unique collectors. They collect general managers. The Dodgers, whose front office overflows with former general managers, hired yet another one last week. The Dodgers, in fact, have so many general managers on their payroll they should assign them […]

  • St. Louis Rams green-lit for move back to Los Angeles323_NFL_LA_RAMS

    HOUSTON (Reuters) – The St. Louis Rams are headed to Los Angeles and the San Diego Chargers have an option to join them after NFL owners voted on Tuesday to end the league’s 21-year absence in the United States’ second-largest TV market.