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  • Dakota Access Pipeline Halted

    Three hours after our exposé on who owns the and governs the land where the Dakota Access Pipeline was being built, the US Army Corps of Engineers issued an announcement that it was denied a key easement this afternoon, and without it, they would be halting the current planned program for the pipeline.
    We have been working diligently, digging deeply into our connections in cultural resources to bear on this matter, doing the hard work to locate the primary sources and to interpret them, page by page, made the calls required, and inquired of the parties on both sides, over the past three weeks. Another example of a concerted and enlightened independent media exercising their (Our) First Amendment rights to ensure that checks and balances remain fair and unbiased.
    We are thrilled to have played our part in ensuring that the rights of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation were not violated. We will continue to work to ensure that the Sioux, and all Americans, are fairly treated by our elected, appointed, and salaried officials. It’s what we do.

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  • Who owns the land at Standing Rock? The top thing to know about DAPL

    STANDING ROCK SIOUX TERRITORY (Herald de Paris) — US Army veterans numbering in the hundreds have been filtering onto the snow-swept plains at the construction site of the Dakota Access Pipeline, intent on shielding the Native American protesters from the militarized police. At issue are historically sensitive native lands, the rights of Indian Nations, and for the traditional inhabitants of this land, sacred sites and the protection of their fresh water source.
    Since the beginning of the stand-off, others have joined the protest in numbers that swell daily. While it seems clear that all those opposing the US Army Corps of Engineers are in favor of the rights of the Standing Rock Sioux protecting their historical lands and their water, how we arrived at this point continues to be muddled by the fast-evolving human interest aspects of the story.
    Rather than to scratch the surface on this issue, we went all the way back to the beginning. Consulting with professional subject matter experts in cultural resources, archaeology, anthropology, and even environmental regulations, we have uncovered the core issues – issues key to ending this standoff before anyone gets killed.

  • Where we stand on Standing Rock

    Washington, DC (Herald de Paris) — As we enter into December, with snow falling in Sioux Country, many people have asked why we have not been reporting on the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the stand-off between the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Standing Rock Sioux, and the growing protest in North Dakota. The truth is, we are neck deep in our own investigation, and we are not yet ready to reveal all we have uncovered. Without blowing the cover off our exclusive investigation, here is what we can tell you, thus far:
    Our exclusive investigative team includes professional cultural resources specialists with nearly 40 years of combined experience in cultural resources, protected land, and in particular Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, the legislation at the center of the controversy. Our team has been scouring through hundreds of pages of documents on the Dakota Access Pipeline project, looking to see that the US Army Corps of Engineers adhered to the letter of the law with respect to Section 106; that the rights of the indigenous people were not violated; and that the program was scoped within the allowable standard practices in the cultural resources industry.

  • President Obama presents Medal of Freedom to 21 American Icons

    WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) —  It was a love fest all around. The White House came alive yesterday as President Obama, under the gleeful gaze of his wife, the First Lady Michelle Obama, awarded 21 Medals of Freedom to some of the most iconic names in science, art, architecture, show business, film and music. It has long […]

  • Obama meets Trump amidst a backdrop of tension

      WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) —  The American election has come and gone and yet two days later the shock remains – and it would seem for everyone, from all parties. The mood at the White House, throughout DC and Virginia, has been somber and muted at the least. New Yorkers say that mood […]

  • Admiral Rogers of NSA opens up … but not quite

    Washington, DC (Herald de Paris) —  Admiral Michael Rogers has quite a task afoot, as Director of the National Security Agency and the military’s Cyber Command Mission Force. Speaking at a luncheon organised by retired Captain Kevin Wensing, Admiral Rogers said that the agency will eventually contain 6200 dedicated computer personnel split into 133 teams. […]


  • All Blacks to face Ireland in Windy Citymaxresdefault

    (Reuters) – Rugby World Cup winners New Zealand will face Six Nations champions Ireland at Chicago’s Soldier Field in November, USA Rugby announced on Tuesday.

  • Nabi’s last-ball four wins Quetta a thriller234457.3

    Mohammad Nabi emerged the hero for his team, striking a last-ball four to guide Quetta Gladiators to a two-wicket win against Lahore Qalandars Source

  • The Week Ahead: Pitchers, catchers on deck

    Presidents Day brought us remembrances of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other leaders of this great country where baseball is the national pastime. And now, baseball is revving up in earnest on Wednesday, when pitchers and catchers have their first reporting dates at various Spring Training camps in Arizona and Florida.