Wrightwood’s Mile High Pizza: Pizza with a purpose.

By jes. on April 23, 2015

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WRIGHTWOOD, CA (Herald de Paris) — ¬† High in the mountains, in Wrightwood, California, a mile above sea level in a ski town that hasn’t seen a lot of snow in a while, Mile High Pizza is serving up pizza with a purpose. ¬†Sure, you could order just about any pizza you might like at Mile High, with a selection of toppings, listed alphabetically, from anchovies to tomato. ¬†You could order spaghetti, ravioli, Lasagna, salads, you name it. ¬†But just like Wrightwood is no ordinary place in Southern California, Mile High is no ordinary pizza joint.

PSPEAKSMile High Pizza is serving pizza with a purpose. ¬†And it’s delicious.

Mile High Pizza’s signature dish is Mountain Mike Alfredo pizza: ¬†Spinach, alfredo sauce, chicken, and artichokes, lightly sprinkled with fresh basil. ¬†It was named for the late Mike McKay, a local resident, North Arizona University graduate, who was pursuing a master’s degree when he lost his life in an avalanche, at Wrightwood’s Mountain High ski resort. ¬†The signature pizza was McKay’s own creation, and it caught on.

“Mike was just one of those guys who lived life to the fullest,” locals say. ¬†McKay was a gifted and graceful downhill skier.

When McKay’s family set up the Mike McKay Memorial Foundation in his memory, the entire Village of Wrightwood responded, when his favorite dinner spot, Mile High Pizza, started selling his Mountain Mike Alfredo pizza. ¬†Proceeds from the sale of Mountain Mike Alfredo go towards the Mike McKay Memorial Foundation.


Mile High uses only fresh ingredients, and insists on using nothing but whole milk mozzarella cheese. ¬†Their pizza ranges from the traditional cheese, pepparoni, and sausage, to some locally unique combinations. ¬†Their homemade crust is mixed in an original way, with herbs mixed right into the dough. ¬†On a brisk evening in late spring, we were fortunate enough to sample two of Mile High Pizza’s most unique constructions.

mile highThe Mountain Mike Alfredo is, hands down, the best chicken pizza I have ever tasted.  Thick and hearty with copious amounts of artichokes, spinach, and chicken, it is a hearty, filing, and wholly satisfying pizza.

We also sampled their Gourmet Pesto pizza, made with pesto sauce, onions, tomatoes, olives, and pine nuts. ¬† The Gourmet Pesto pizza is good, really good, but if your taste buds have their own memory, it’s the Mountain Mike Alfredo that you’ll remember.

They’ll even make your pizza gluten-free, if you ask.

Come to Wrightwood any time of the year. ¬†It’s a lovely little community where people are still friendly, Coyotes occasionally still run down the street mid-morning, the skiing is great when there is snow, and Mile High Pizza is serving up some of the most inventive and memorable pizza combinations on either coast.

5996 Cedar St, Wrightwood, CA 92397
(760) 249-4848


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