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    • France will not recognise Catalonia independence, minister

      France will not recognise Catalan independence if the region’s president announces that it will leave Spain in a speech to parliament on Tuesday, French European Affairs Minister Nathalie Loiseau said on Monday. Source

    • French Catalonia uneasy over Spanish turmoil

      The French region of Pyrenées-Orientales — known to some as “Northern Catalonia” is keeping an anxious eye on the crisis just across the border. Source

    • Barcelona braces for demonstration against independence plans

      A huge crowd is expected to rally on Sunday in Barcelona against plans by Catalonia’s separatist leaders to declare independence following a banned secession referendum. Source

    • Jordan muzzles media, Myanmar media targets Rohingya

      In our weekly media program, we travel to Jordan where the media watchdog is being muzzled. We also go to Myanmar, where cartoonists and journalists appear to have lost their objectivity and take aim at Rohingya muslims, adding insult to injury to people who the UN and human rights groups say are being persecuted and […]

    • Catalonia banks nervous as IMF warns of fallout

      After Sabadell, Spain’s third major bank CaixaBank announced plans to transfer its regional headquarters out of Catalonia seperatists leaders threatened to declare independence. Source