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  • Traveling Vietnam wall in Big BearTraveling Vietnam Wall Image

      Big Bear Lake —  Veterans and active members of America’s armed services travel great distances and make great sacrifices to preserve and protect freedom and liberty, how far will you travel to honor their contribution? The American Veterans Traveling Tribute will visit Big Bear Lake from September 26-28, 2013 with the Cost of Freedom Tribute.  The memorial will be […]

  • NALA – A new little ray of hope for the cheetahs at Samaraimage006

    SAMARA, AFRICA —  Samara, is a luxurious holiday destination and wildlife conservation project has just introduced the new Mandela landscapes tour. This new seven day tour celebrates the life and origins of the great Nelson Mandela.  The Eastern Cape was the centre of the Apartheid struggle for many years and houses Mandela’s birthplace amid magnificent and varied scenery. […]

  • In Al Ain, in the footsteps of Sheikh Zayed

    CHINA (Herald de Paris) – “Wave at the lady!” said dishdasha-clad Khaled to his two giggling kids when he saw me inch forward stealthily, my camera in my hands. “ Are you from Spain?” he asked me with ease. “ Italy. Sardinia to be more precise” I pointed out, avoiding to explain why Sardinia’s natives […]

  • Weekend In Reno

    SAN FRANCISCO (Herald de Paris ) – My wife and I had an online offer we couldn’t refuse – so we didn’t. We decided to spend a few days in Reno, Nevada at one of the big casinos. Now my wife and I are not gamers but at 49 bucks a room, we really had […]

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  • Tower of Powers Bassist, Marc van Wageningen

    HOLLYWOOD (Herald de Paris) —  Tower of Power is a soul band playing soul music for 50 years. They travel the world doing usually 200 dates a year, their latest CD topped the jazz charts they are more in demand than ever. The newest member to the TOP lineup is Marc van Wageningen, he has […]

  • The MICHAEL CARABELLO interview

          SAN FRANCISCO (Herald de Paris) —  In the opening scene of the Santana band segment in the film Woodstock, there is a haunting tribal beat, then insistent hands playing congas, then a young man in an afro with a Fu Manchu mustache, his appearance, his look, his attitude and the sound he […]

  • The MITCH RYDER Conversation

    Hollywood (Herald de Paris) —   Of the many gifts given to the world by the Detroit music scene, from the compositions of Duke Ellington to the raw punk power of The Stooges and Hall of Fame nominees The MC5, one of the most enduring has been the unforgettable voice of Mitch Ryder. Whether performing with […]