We were hacked, but we’re not going anywhere.

By admin on July 13, 2018

FROM THE NEWSROOM (Herald de Paris) —¬† For the second time in our illustrious history, we were hacked.

The first time was the night of the Charlie Hebdo thing in Paris.¬† We recovered from that, and continued our charge.¬† This second and more recent attack was more brutal.¬† Not only were we wiped from the Internet, our entire database was destroyed, as was the back-up.¬† Who would do such a thing?¬† Who is afraid of honest news?¬† ¬†We’ve managed to restore our entire database through the middle of 2016, and are working to restore as much of the rest of our original content as we can.

You may be wondering about our appearance.¬† The hackers destroyed our layout folders and the back-ups, as well.¬† Until we can get that sorted out, please enjoy reading Herald de Paris Classic, our original layout. Thanks to all of you who have stuck by us.¬† We’re back, and we won’t let you down.

РThe Publisher, editors, and staff 

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