Vogue Supermodel calls Kalon Skincare “The most refreshing and best new skincare on the market”

By Wire News Sources on November 18, 2012

NEW YORK (Herald de Paris) — It has been reported that celebrities around the world have turned to the highly effective lifting properties of bee venom. Kate Middleton,Victoria Beckham, Gywneth Paltrow, Danii Minogue (see Huffington Post, Vogue 2012, Sunrise Australia and many other newspaper, tv and magazine outlets) and many others have turned to various bee venom skincare treatments that were reportedly first introduced to Ms. Middleton by Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Now come reports that some bee venom facial products are not as effective as others, due to the quality of the principal ingredients, and of course the cream itself. Pricing varies in the bee venom creams and this is often due to the quality of the bee venom and the cream itself. It is important to know what one is putting on your skin . In the day of sneaky copycat manufacturing and deceptive labeling it can be hard to tell what is real, or good quality, and what is not. One of the ways to tell is if the bee venom that is used is traceable back to the hives, or to the bee keepers who harvested it.

”Some of the bee venom being used by mass manufacturers comes from bees residing in industrialized and polluted sites such as factories. This can cause bacteria in the hives, which in turn can pollute the bee venom,” says an industry producer.

It can be especially difficult in countries largely unregulated to know what product is being made with pure bee venom. “Some producers manufacture in New Zealand, yet they do so importing cheap bee venom from questionable offshore sites “according to an Auckland based manufacturer .Nevertheless, these offshore companies can still claim they are NZ Made or eco-certified as they are made in New Zealand at plants that are certified. Alternatively and perhaps more misleading, a bee keeper , speaking on a condition of anonyminity said “some skincare producers are using honey as their main source of bee venom and not pure bee venom. Honey only contains very minuscule traces of residual bee venom”  This is ironic and a shame as New Zealand , if the product is genuine, does produce some of the best raw bee venom in the world. New Zealand  was  one of the few countries largely untouched by a virus that affected the world bee population.The bee venom New Zealand produces comes in very small quantities , it is not an expendable resource, and therefore extremely few skincare companies have access to it and use it.

Two companies that are proven to use pure raw bee venom are API and Kalon Skincare. Kalon Skincare’s signature cream, Anna’s Pocket Bee Venom Vitality Cream Mask, is certified and the bee venom it uses is directly traceable back to the hives. The luxurious vitality cream mask is proven to use South Island bee venom in its raw and pure form. As a prominent user of Anna’s Pocket Bee Venom, supermodel Kylie Bax says, “ Kalon Skincare is tremendously unique in this highly competitive skin conscious world. It is cultivated from the globe’s most “green” country and genuinely harvested organically to deliver us the most refreshing new product on the market. I love Kalon and Anna’s Pocket Bee Venom Cream Mask. It makes my skin feel and look more vibrant than ever – just what a supermodel and mom needs in her daily skin are regime.”

The company’s founder, internationally award winning actress and director Anna Wilding, personally visits the hives to ensure that only the best practices are used with no harm to the bees. Ms Wilding said, “When I launched the skincare, I was surprised how many people wrote in to say how effective the cream was compared with others.” It was then Ms. Wilding started to learn that not all companies used pure bee venom. Since its launch earlier this year, Anna’s Pocket Bee Venom Vitality Cream Mask has been named as the hottest new skincare product by Amazon, and hailed as one of the top 15 moisturizers in the world, alongside products by established commercial skincare manufacturers such as Lancome, L’Oreal, and Philosophy, to name but a few.

Ms. Wilding says that her cream brightens and lifts instantly, and over time appears to ease fine lines and wrinkles. But it is also getting incredible feedback from those with problem skin, and for those who wish to tone and even out blemishes on their skin. The product is, “The perfect facial pick-me-up before a special event,” Anna said. “Men like and use the product too. We also don’t use artificial fragrance.”

Kalon Skincare is available in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, and is about to be introduced to the luxury markets in China and Hong Kong. Ms. Wilding says her company is growing rapidly based on good feedback and solid word-of-mouth.

As injectable fillers are now becoming more and more mainstream, the celebrities who are often at the forefront of beauty developments and trends are returning to nature. In the skincare game, the industry is again trending towards naturally-sourced ingredients and clean products such as Ms Wilding’s. Kalon Skincare is a company with a difference. Ecologically clean face products made with luxurious NZ bee venom. Philanthropy is a driving force behind the company as is its ecologically clean philosophy. Kalon Skincare is also a new brand emerging from Christchurch, New Zealand, a city recently devastated by large earthquakes.

The founder said that she wanted to create a product that was natural with high quality active ingredients, but also that had a long shelf life. She wanted a product that was of benefit to the skin, no matter which climate or city she was in worldwide. “My company also uses ecologically clean natural ingredients where possible,” says Ms. Wilding.

“Kalon” means beauty – a beauty that is not just skin deep, but a beautiful beauty within as well as just physical.
So when shopping for skincare, research and find out what is best for your skin.

Kalon Skincare’s Facebook page at: facebook.com/KalonSkincareBeeVenomMask has up-to-date information and promotions.Kalon Skincare can currently be bought at  it’s own website http://www.kalonskincare.com,  at Amazon in the USA and Canada and through retails stores in Australia  and New Zealand.

lola November 19, 2012

This skincare range of Kalon is amazing. I have friends that use it and swear by it and if its good enough for supermodels then it should be fine for me! I also heard recently that Elle Macpherson uses a brand called Skinceuticals. You can buy this brand from this site: http://www.worksofbeauty.com/skinceuticals/

Jane August 18, 2013

Kalon Skincare bee venom cream is great. I use it daily.

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