By Murray Chass on April 2, 2017

    President Donald Trump was apparently too busy with repealing and replacing his predecessor’s health care plan, tax reform and making questionable decisions on the environment to do what 17 of his predecessors did during their terms in office.

    Fret not, baseball fans. Trump has three more chances to throw out the ceremonial first pitch on opening day.

    Having heard nothing about Trump’s plans for this season’s opener, I called the White House last week and asked for the press office. This was the conversation:

    “White House press office.”

    I introduced myself and asked, “Does the president have plans to throw out the first ball at an opening game next week?

    “That has not been confirmed or announced,” the young woman replied and started to hang up abruptly.

    Wait a minute, I said before she could hang up. You haven’t answered my question, which I repeated.

    “We have nothing to report on that matter,” she said.

    Now you’ve answered my question, I said.

    I called the press office again Thursday and was told to send an e-mail, which I did.

    A response came from an assistant press secretary:

    Murray Chass

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