Timely Arrival: L’Hommage Bistro Français brings true French comfort food to DC

By jes. on December 2, 2015


WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) —  Comfort food food comes in many varieties, and is often accompanied by a vast array of imagery.  In autumn in Washington, DC, the imagery includes chilly temperatures, dry leaves rolling windswept across a quiet street in the NOMA district, and warm fireplaces.  Comfort food warms you from the inside, fills your belly, makes you sleep better, and leaves you instantly happy.

Then there is French cuisine – real French cuisine, the kind you remember from your visits to the French countryside, or that – if your are fortunate enough to be of French descent, your own grandmother might have made.

ec128e51-70f8-48a7-9b70-3847d6caf8b3The sum of these two can be found in one place, at L’Hommage Bistro Français, Washington, DC’s latest French-inspired restaurant at 450 K Street, NW.  Executive Chef Josh Laban Perkins has created a menu of familiar and traditional French dishes, and he and his kitchen staff deliver them to your table with authentic and exquisite perfection.

The restaurant is large, but at the same time cozy and intimate, lively, and comfortable.  Even on your first visit, the place seems familiar in a very good way.  L’Hommage Bistro also offers an extensive wine selection.

As I am fond of doing, I allowed the Chef to select my menu choices for the evening.  My meal began with a Terrine de Canard, a duck  pâté with figs and pistachio, and fresh bread.  Real bread.  The terrine was delicious, well seasoned, and hearty.  This was followed by a healthy (And by “Healthy” I mean large) Cassoulet Traditionnel – Tabas bean stew, boudin noir, duck confit, and smoked bacon.

The cassoulet was delicious, with prodigious amounts of blood sausage, garlic sausage, duck, and bacon in a hearty, rich, and memorable bean base.  This is no simple dish, and the delicate balance of ingredients needs to come together just so.  The end result is a cassoulet that was so exquisitely well balanced and memorable that it tasted like something my French grandmother made me as a child, only, I don’t have a French grandmother.  I have never had a French grandmother.  I am not exactly sure how Chef Perkins infuses a history into every dish, but he has.

1d945e2f-705d-44af-b78e-cb73c37a5285Cooked into this cassoulet are inimitable visions of a French country table, perhaps in the Bordeaux region about a month after harvest; eating by the fire in an oversized sweater, surrounded by friends, family, and laughter.  How authentic is the French food at L’Hommage Bistro?  My dining companion declared her Coq Au Vin, “The most authentic I have ever had outside France.”  Her Salade d’Endives (Yes, I had to try it) was crisp, fresh, tart, and delicious.

Much to the chagrin of my belt line, L’Hommage also has a pâtisserie.  We were treated to a sampling of too many desserts to actually remember, but what I do remember is that none of them disappointed.

It was a memorable dinner, and I have no doubt we will be back to L’Hommage often.

For authentic, hearty, real French comfort food in Washington, DC, look no further.


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