The Zeitgeist Movement: practical advices to build a better future

By admin on March 19, 2009

LONDON (Herald de Paris) – The 15th of March has been celebrated again as Zeitgeist Day, with a series of events referring to the Zeitgeist Movement. The biggest meeting was held in New York, where both Jacque Fresco and Peter Jones spoke to a huge crowd of people from all walks of life.

In seventy countries all over the world, on the same day meetings and screenings have taken place. In London hundreds of supporters of the Zeitgeist Movement, favored by a very much yearned sunshine, gathered in front of the BBC offices and in colorful Camden Town to give out thousands of DVDs.

Screenings of “Zeitgeist Addendum” and of the new video on the Movement Orientation were carried out all afternoon at Goldsmith University of London. I went along, to watch the documentaries and talk to some of the supporters, in the hope to shed some light on this rapidly growing movement.

Heavily inspired by American engineer Jacque Fresco, filmmaker Peter Joseph has directed “Zeitgeist The Movie” and “Zeitgeist Addendum,” both tracing the root causes of global poverty and offering possible ways to create a better world.

The pragmatism of the theories behind both movies tickled my curiosity and lured me into the theatre where they were being shown.

Who is exactly Jacque Fresco? Industrial designer, social engineer, lecturer and author, he is the creator of the Project Venus, based in Florida and unique example of a completely resource-based economy.

The core of the Zeitgeist movement is, in fact, a fierce critique to our current monetary system because, since the money is created as a debt due to the Central Banks and it’s not property of the single person, it unavoidably causes a heavy dependence of governments themselves and a too powerful presence of the bank system in the world’s political affairs that are always more ruled following the private interest of big corporations instead of public wellbeing.

A money-based economy is seen by movie director Peter Joseph as doomed, and its unsustainability due to a never-ending cycle of forced consumption and planned obsolescence that produce a growing amount of waste and don’t ensure good lifestyle standards for the world’s population.

In the Venus Project, money is considered a “social convention,” only necessary in the case of scarcity of resources or, as in today’s world, when resources are badly distributed and unfairly rationed.

According to UNICEF, currently 29,000 children die everyday from preventable causes, and global poverty makes a very narrow minority live wealthy, while the biggest majority of the population still lacks of the most basic goods.

The ultimate goal of Jacque Fresco’s Venus Project is a worldwide resource-based economy, “a system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude.” Fresco believes, in fact, that the world resources are enough for everybody and that every single person is equally entitled to enjoy them.

Fresco considers all earth’s inhabitants the direct heir of its resources available from both land and sea. He sees the current monetary system as an unreasonable barrier to our survival, since modern society has at its disposal highly advanced technology able to ensure goods such as food, clothing and medical care to everybody.

The Project Venus’ appeal is very simple: our planet provides us with enough material resources to ensure the highest living standards to each and every inhabitant. While today’s monetary system made us believe that we live with a scarcity of resources, with the subsequent generation of personal frustration and stress, Jacque Fresco firmly believes that “by overcoming scarcity, most of the crimes and even the prisons of today’s society would no longer be necessary.”

Taking advantage of the latest technologies, Fresco has planned the way to beat the scarcity of resources by using a totally renewable energies such as the geothermal, controlled fusion, solar, photovoltaic, wind, and designing energy-efficient cities able to provide all citizens with the highest healthcare and education. Most of the work, in Fresco’s vision, would be carried out by machines, as it is already, but unlike now, people would have more leisure time for themselves.

Since the twilight of civilization man has talked about how to achieve a better world, and unlike a purely idealist hope, Fresco’s project is based upon a striking rationality and offers practical advices for everybody to get involved towards a collective development.

How could anyone disagree with that?

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BILL B March 19, 2009

Angela Corrias :

Excellent article. I am from Winnipeg Canada; and participation of the Movement here was almost non exsistant aside for small bands of individuals who indeed support the movement. We had handed out nearly 300 DVD copies of each Zeitgeist movie and were even in contact with local media outfits.

I am glad to see that you had created an article and can only hope that more will do the same. At this stage, more awareness and education is key in pushing the movement forward.

Keeo up the good work!

Winnipeg Canada

Maria March 19, 2009

L’articolo è bellissimo, condivido tutto. Continua cosi.

Angela March 19, 2009

Thanks Bill,
and you keep up the good work, too. What you are doing is worth your efforts.

Ethel Chiodelli March 19, 2009

Really inspiring!

This is the proof that we haven’t lost our capability to hope yet, well done Angela!

mrG March 19, 2009

For fans of the movie who are itching to make a go of it, the entire Venus Project base, complete with the workshops, buildings and helipad as seen in the movie, are for sale in Florida — I have asked on their site, on their facebook group page and all over if there is some reason the base is for sale, but so far, no answer. It just is, that’s all.

mrG March 19, 2009

more details on that property can be found at

Mark March 19, 2009

I’ve seen the documentaries.
I was literally flabbergasted.
I think Peter Joseph’s view of world and current society is the most revoutionary concept I’ve ever heard. One might think it’s

just another unreachable utopia, but the way he details how to achieve it is striking.
Hope it will start a mass-awakening among people all around the globe.

Graham March 24, 2009

lol, thats a nice joke about the ranch for sale dude, I liked the bit about Evil Genius. We all know its not for sale.

david lloyd April 9, 2009

The second movie is alot better and I will personally pass it out.
I am not a christian but consider myself a seeker of truth through meditation or a Gnostic.
I think the filmmakers get a bit carried away with their anti GOD type of propaganda but they have some valid points otherwise.
The first movie was really not will thought out or researched on the Religious side of things, maybe some lessons from the gnostics would help.
It kinda makes everything else seem less…


Jan D July 16, 2009

I’ve just seen the Zeitgeist documentary and the Addendum, and I was litterally blown away. This article is equally excellent and educational.
Indeed, the perverse influence of relgion (all of them), profit based society and the so-called captains of industry should be more widely known to the people.
I’m awed and inspired by all of these works and will definitely be following up on them very closely from now on!
Thank you so much!

Paul August 18, 2009

Hi Angela,
You have wrote such a true and beautiful article. It would be fantastic if you could write more in the future. I have posted your article on me myspace for more to read. I hope you don’t mind.
You are a credit to society

Ronald Lee vaught October 28, 2009

Hello Angela I know your not the Angela I have loved and love but you write as she would write on the topic’s she would write about. Although blameing one family or two for the evil in the world may or may not be too general a statement. It is imperitive to get people to look at other perceptives and posible motivationand manipulations in the world,knowing that things are not always so black and white in the blame game.

Aphex February 9, 2010

mumbo jumbo again.. nothing practical

Jonathan loncaric May 6, 2010

How could u really discredit the evidence that is stated in the movie/documentary as “mumbo jumbo”? I think its appropriate to say that grown ups are talking here, go play with your toys.

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