The Revolutionizing of America in 2016

By Anna Wilding on February 18, 2016


WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) — ¬†A new NBC Poll today shows that Senator Ted Cruz is now leading the ranks in the GOP field. ¬†Cruz has nudged just ahead of entertainer and businessman Donald Trump. The net result of the new poll figures shows Governor Jeb Bush at the bottom of the polls, today, at only 4%. This sends a clear message that Americans do not want, as it stands now, another Bush in power in spite of a repeatedly powerful, though at times questionable, Bush family legacy. ¬†This idiosyncratic combination, to be fair though, seems typical of most presidencies. There is much good work, often unspoken and unseen, and then their is the rest of the work, or the behind the scenes dealings, that does get either spoken about-or guessed at.

There is, however, also another clear and perhaps more significant signal being sent. Given the use of the word “revolution” by Bernie Sanders on the left, combined with ¬†the extreme notions and ideas (many lacking in common sense), coming from ¬†the wild ideology of the many mavericks running in the GOP field, the United States does seem to have on its hands, coming into clear a view, a mild revolution of sorts.

The public, as they did with Obama’s first elections results, are vocal that they will have a say. ¬†The good in this is ¬†exactly that – the notion of public having their say – and that is exactly what is set forth in the American Constitution.

No one seems to care so much in what has being said but the fact they are saying it and have the right to say it. Really this is the year of the constitutionalists’ dream. ¬†Democracy at its showcasing best. ¬†A vocal public and a very vocal field.

150323_HenrySpeechIt will be interesting to see if “establishment ready” figures, such as Hillary Clinton, can survive. While many say Clinton’s time was in 2008, she is still neck and neck with the revolution king, Bernie Sanders in the polls. There is no question that Clinton has earned her keep in paving the way for women in power in the United States and so too, being ¬†a powerful influence for women around the world through the decades.

Anyone who knows Clinton’s history and has stood side by side in spirit ¬†knows this, and that is something , a positive legacy Hillary will always have, however, does that mean that she is right for the Presidency-right now? ¬†Regardless of any questionable Superpacs and lobby groups in and around her campaign, including ¬†the DNC’s unspoken early historic support, the fact that Hillary is still near the top of the polls overall shows a view perhaps that the United States as much it wants to step forth into the bold new era, it remains conservative and wants a bit of the establishment – if it can just find the right one-the right figure.

The 2016 elections also seems to be the year the GOP, in particular, is trying to win the public over with showmanship, extreme views and bluster.  Added to this heady unwieldy mix,  with many of the candidates-except perhaps Carson, who is an ardent seventh day Adventist, there appears, possibly, some slightly  insincere evangelicalism.

This is not to say that these candidates do not believe in God, or Jesus, or any other religion they may choose, and the virtuous aspects of  religions-do not steal ,do not commit adultery etc.,  however the hyper natural battering of over the head with it, like extremely fanatical new age Christians or Mormons with their foot in the door, is rather out of character, to this extent, for an election year. Regardless,  no matter how incompatible the refrains of this new world campaign rhetoric may be with the actual dogma of the church, or any church, which at its best is inclusive the it is increasing poll numbers  in some states.

The candidates have found a nerve to hit on with regions in the States and are put simply, going for it . If people want Christ on a stick give it to them for goodness sake.

Jesus, the best thing you could do is appear right now.

America apparently needs you. You would win this election. Oh wait, no perhaps ¬†you wouldn’t, you actually have virtuous, common sense reasoning to espouse – be kind to others, all created equal, be inclusive, if men want to love men and women love women that’s ok too – all that fluffy, “World and people as one,” stuff. ¬†Jesus, you would probably be far too liberal for this race.

What we have, on the right, is an entertaining revolution and spectacle that is giving people free access and therefore value for money to one of their favorite reality TV stars and businessmen; the apparently most hated senator in all the senate, and who has ever seen one of those up close?; pretty boys wearing heels who apparently have dubious financial ties and apparently hidden backgrounds that include partying for years in South Beach, Florida in ¬†a manner ¬†that would shock even most moderate evangelicals; a real top flight respected brain surgeon who is also ¬†a real evangelist-a Seventh day Adventist – whose brain and soft healing voice traipses to parts unknown with questionable moral, ¬†academically and theological viewpoints and – sorry where were we? – what were your names?; oh, and a couple of seemingly Mr. Straight nice guys among this exalted crowd – oh there doesn’t seem room for that.

Boop.  Off you both go.  Whew.  We have hardly begun.

It’s a great country, the United States, people are proud to live here, and there is no better way to celebrate it than show off the freedom of democracy, a constitutional republic, with a good old fashioned knock ’em down dust ’em off election year.

“I’m still standing,” can perhaps be the only election song for the Presidential winner this year.


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