“The best pizza in Calabassas,” says this New Yorker.

By jes. on April 9, 2015

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LOS ANGELES (Herald de Paris) — ¬†I’m a New Yorker. ¬†As I travel around the country, I gauge each city, quite honestly, by its pizza. ¬†This may sound weird to some of you, but if you’re a real New Yorker, not only do you understand, this actually makes sense. ¬†There are plenty of ex-New Yorkers hawking pizza in Los Angeles. ¬†More than a handful of them tout themselves as having the best “New York style” pizza in the City of Angels. ¬†We thought we’d tackle a part of greater LA not known for its pizza joints, and put some of them to the ultimate test.

PSPEAKSNow, Calabassas is not known as a pizza town, but it should be because of one place – Michael’s Pizza and Pasta. ¬†In addition to a full menu of sandwiches, pastas, and salads, Michael’s makes pizza. ¬†Really good pizza.

They start by making their own pizza sauce, and their own pizza dough. ¬†The crust is thin, but not super thin, with just enough crispiness to hold up the cheese and toppings without collapsing. ¬†Call this the structural engineering of a pizza pie, and Michael’s passes with flying colors. Michael’s tops their pies with 100% authentic mozzarella cheese, so no complaints there. ¬†A lot of chain pizza joints use something called, “Pizza cheese.” ¬†Honestly, I don’t even think, “Pizza cheese,” is real cheese. ¬†The authenticity of Michaels’ true mozzarella really stands out.

We were treated to a special pie – 25% meat lover’s, 25% veggie lover’s, 25% margarita, and 25% BBQ chicken.

I am a true New York pizza snob – usually one topping, if any, maximum, but you know what? ¬†The meat lover’s pizza at Michael’s is excellent – it has plenty of pepperoni, sausage, even ham – but not so much that it makes it grotesque. ¬†Same with the margarita pizza. ¬†It’s light, taste’s authentic, and is perfectly satisfying. ¬†The Veggie pizza was also excellent. ¬†Michael’s knows how not to over-do a good thing with their toppings. ¬†Admittedly, I am not a BBQ chicken pizza fan. ¬†Nevertheless, I faithfully gave it a try. ¬†Now BBQ chicken doesn’t pass the NYC test because it falls in the, “Rest of the country,” pizza lexicon, but if you like BBQ chicken pizza, you’re sure to love it at Michael’s. ¬†The BBQ sauce is evident, but doesn’t knock you out of your chair.

unnamed (1)With great sauce, excellent crust, real mozzarella cheese, and a fine array of topping selections, there’s really nothing to dislike about Michael’s Pizza. ¬†With spring in full bloom, grab a pizza pie from Michael’s and take it on your hike in the Santa Monica Mountains or down to Malibu Creek State Park, and have yourself a good, old fashioned NYC picnic.

Michael’s Pizza and Pasta is easily the best pizza in Calabassas.

I’m sure to return – my mouth is already watering for Michaels’ Veal Parmesan Sub.


(They even deliver)

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