Tainted blood victims left angry

By Wire News Sources on May 20, 2009

By Nick Triggle
Health reporter, BBC News

Blood plasma

More money is being made available in compensation for victims of the contaminated blood scandal in England.

Thousands of people in the UK, mainly people with haemophilia, were infected with HIV and hepatitis C during the 1970s and 1980s.

Campaigners have said the level of compensation was too low and the means-testing system demeaning.

But ministers stopped short of the full reform of the system which campaigners and an independent inquiry called for.

Instead, they promised to pump extra money into the compensation scheme for people with HIV to double average annual payments to £12,800.

The fund for people with hepatitis C, which works through a series of lump sum payments, has funding available until 2014.

The Tainted Blood campaign group described the changes as "insulting and degrading".


The government’s move was in response to a two-year independent privately-funded inquiry led by Lord Archer of Sandwell – ministers have always rejected demands for a full public inquiry.

Lord Archer’s report, published in February, called the contaminated blood scandal an "horrific human tragedy".

Nearly 5,000 people were exposed to hepatitis C before the heat treating of blood products began in the mid 1980s.

Of these, more than 1,200 were also infected with HIV.

Almost 2,000 of those people have since died as a result.

Lord Archer called for a government-backed compensation scheme to replace the one that is administered by charitable trusts.

He also wanted to see a committee of specialists be established to act as official advisers to ministers over on-going compensation claims and the treatment of victims.

This was again rejected by the government, which would only commit to meeting an official group of doctors and patients twice a year.

A full public inquiry is being held in Scotland.</p

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k gaskin May 20, 2009

Its hardly surprising since the thieving criminal scumbag MP’s have stole all the british people’s money! why would they pay out when they have rugs to order from new york or Moats to clean or mortgages to fraud! LISTEN LABOUR, your time is numbered and we will get you out, supposing I have to even vote BNP I will get use out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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