Sunday Interview: The Voice of Toto, Bobby Kimball

By admin on July 22, 2018

By Dr. Alan Carlos Hernandez
HOLLYWOOD (Herald de Paris) —  Legendary rock icon Bobby Kimball, original singer of TOTO, returns with a very special new studio album, “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore.”

Bobby said, “My Latest Project has been my New Solo CD: ‘Bobby Kimball We’re Not In Kansas Anymore.’  However, yesterday, July 12th, 2017, I met with my Screenplay Writer and Producer for the Movie I wrote about a True Story. He has a Financier now, and he has hired someone who will choose the Characters for my Movie. I was told it would be Filmed fairly soon now.”

“As artists and musicians we live our lives chasing a dream … the dream of expressing ourselves through the songs we create and sing. I surrounded myself with some of the best session players and songwriters in the business, and I feel you can hear and sense that when you listen to the music. To my fans … I hope that I delivered an album that can be part of a songbook for your life, as it is for mine. God Speed.”

Kimball’s music remains unmistakable – melodious rock with polyphonic arrangements and a great sound, and his distinctive voice is simply inimitable! Reteaming with producer John Zaika, WNIKA features stellar performances by drummer Joel Taylor, keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Black Country), Mitchel Forman and more!

Says John Zaika, “I produced and co-wrote a project with Bobby Kimball in 1999, ‘All I Ever Needed.’ We’ve stayed in touch ever since. When the opportunity to write and produce a second project for this incredible singer and artist came along, I was excited to be involved. I knew it needed to have great songs, sound fresh, and stand out in today’s music world. So, as a team, we pushed hard to create a project that crosses over genres without sounding disconnected. I sought out some of the best musicians in the industry, worked with top engineers to help fulfill the experience, and we created a wonderful team with myself, Bobby Kimball and Dave Barnett here at Future Memories Music.”

Bobby started playing piano at the young age of 4 years old. His Mother had the rare gift of “Perfect Pitch”, and could play just about anything she heard. This was an inspiration to Bobby and his oldest brother, and soon both started their own bands when Bobby was only 8-year-old. The members of Bobby’s band were the younger brothers of his oldest brother’s band.

Growing up in Louisiana was truly a gift for Bobby, due to such a wide variety of music styles and fantastic musicians to play with. Living about 10 miles from the Texas border played a big role in his music career, because there were so many 5000 seat clubs stationed along the Texas border inside Louisiana.

The drinking age in Texas was 21 years old, and in Louisiana it was 18 years old. This leaves little doubt as to why these 5000 seat clubs were completely packed on the weekends, and it was a huge influence on Bobby’s decision to become a musician instead of a Medical Doctor. After 5 years of University studies in the medical field, Bobby decided to follow the path that made him the happiest, and he became a full-time musician.

After playing and singing with about 15 different bands in Louisiana and Texas, Bobby ended up in a band called “The Levee Band” which became a high watermark of musicianship and talent. In the middle of a tour with The Levee band, Bobby received a call from a long-time musician friend, Jon Smith, who asked him to come to LA and sing with the musicians who had made up the band “Three Dog Night”, one of Bobby’s favorite bands ever.

He had to make a very hard decision to leave, not only one of the best bands he had ever played with, but also his native Louisiana home.

After arriving in LA to meet the band, things changed drastically for Bobby. He was finally in the city where the music industry thrived, and most of the great musicians and singers who had created the hit songs that drew him into the fold to become a musician were living and working.

Once this band got together, they signed a contract with CBS Records under the name “S.S. Fools” which was the title of the first and only LP recorded by them. This band lasted for about 18 months before Bobby decided to leave them for better opportunities.

During the rehearsal stages of “S.S. Fools” Bobby first met, and became friends with Jeffery Porcaro (then, the drummer with “Steely Dan”), and David Paich (who had just co-written the Grammy winning “Silk Degrees” LP with Boz Scaggs). Jeff and David were at most of our rehearsals, because they loved the music of “Three Dog Night” as well. A few months after leaving S.S. Fools, Bobby was asked by Jeff and David (the initial founders of Toto), to become the lead singer. There were no questions, nor hesitation about his decision to join this band. They were the best musicians Bobby had ever heard, and a perfect platform for his voice.

The very first LP Toto released, entitled, “Toto,” broke out with the massive hit single, “Hold The Line,” The band was nominated for a Grammy as, “Best New Band,” that year, but lost to “A Taste of Honey.”

Toto’s music was very well received and the band built a huge following of very loyal fans. Bobby was in the band for the recording of the first 4 records (“Toto”, “Hydra”, “Turn Back”, and “TotoIV”).

It was the “Toto IV” CD that absolutely defined the band, and it’s future. At the 1982 Grammy Awards, The “Toto IV” CD was nominated for a, “Record breaking,” NINE Grammy Awards.

Out of these nine nominations, the band won SIX Grammy Awards, based on the strength and popularity of the song, “Rosanna.”  Also, Steve Lukather, co-writer of “Turn Your Love Around,” with Jay Gradon and Bill Champlin, won a 7th Grammy. Altogether, the band brought home 7 Grammy Awards that evening, which set a precedent for the number of Grammy Awards ever won by a single band in one year.

It was in the middle of the recording of the 5th CD that some differences broke out among the members of the band, and Bobby was asked to leave Toto. The band went through several singers, Fergie Frederikson & Joseph Williams, to name a couple of really great vocalists.

Bobby moved to Germany for 6 years, and recorded his first CD there with Frank Farian called, “The Far Corporation.” This is where he met Simon Philips, who played drums on the CD. The CD did very well in the charts in Europe, and a 2nd CD was in the works by then.

Kimball ended up recording 3 more CDs in Germany, Rise Up, Tribute to Ray Charles, and The Toto Classic Hits.

After several vocalist changes with Toto, in 1998, Bobby was asked to rejoin the band, which put the band back to its most original form, and he remained the lead vocalist for the next 10 years until the band dissolved in 2008.

Not long after his departure from Germany Bobby met, and began co-writing his next CD work with, his friend John Zaika. The CD was entitled, “All I Ever Needed.” Now, John and Bobby are starting on their 2nd project, but this time, they have started their own Record label called: “Future Memories Music.”

Since the dissolution of Toto in 2008, Bobby has been touring the world over, non-stop. He has 6 major tours lined up, and more on the way. “I’ve never been this busy in my whole career in music. I love touring, and I always have fun on the road with the fans.”

“I’ve been working on a Solo CD for several years now, and now I’m finally getting some time to finish it. I’m using some of the best musicians around the LA area, and this is a CD which will surely not disappoint the fans.”

“I’ve completed a Duets CD with Jimi Jamison from “Survivor”, which came out at the end of the Summer of 2011. It’s a great Rock CD, and so fun to make it.”

“I have so many projects going at the same time, it’s keeping me busier than ever. I love my work, and I’m having more fun now than I’ve ever experienced in music.”

Herald de Paris Consulting Editor Dr. Al Carlos Hernandez was honored to speak with the rock legend.

AC: It is said that your Mom had the gift of perfect pitch, was does that mean?

BK: My Mom did have Perfect Pitch. What that means is the fact that anyone with Perfect Pitch can tell you what Key anything is in, and all the notes that are being played, even if they are just listening to something on a Radio or Record, or someone playing Live. They can also perfectly play what they heard on an Instrument, any time after they listen to it.

AC: Was She your first music teacher, was she a professional musician as well? How did she, with this impressive skill set inspire you and your family to appreciate music?

BK: My Mom was constantly playing her Piano daily after hearing Songs on the Radio, or Records, and she could always play the whole Song, and every note perfectly. She was the first person who taught me about 300 Piano Chords by the time I was 5 years old. Then, I could sit at her Piano and play Chords for about an hour. However, at 5 years old, I didn’t really know anything about Rhythm for all those Chords I had learned.

Then, when I went to the Barber Shop in my 3000-person town in Louisiana, the Black Shoe-Shine guy, working just across from me while I was getting a haircut, was popping his Shine Rag to a New Orleans Second-Line-Beat, and often Humming the Songs that his Rhythm came from.

He and I became very best Friends, and I went and watched him for about 3 weeks, and learned all of the Rhythm I felt him creating. His name was Tanner, because he was Tanning Leather shoes. Most white folks then, would Nickname the Black people, and not call them by their real name. Tanner also gave me the best advice about Living a good Life when I was 5 years old, and Tanner was 52 years old. When I was 12 years old, I saw Tanner get hit by a Train in a Car about 10 feet in front of me. I was so sad about that, because he had taught me so much about Rhythm and about Living a very good Life. My Mom and Tanner were the first people who taught me very much about playing Music.

I listened mostly to Ray Charles on the Radio and I had several of his Records as well. He was my Favorite Musician back then.

AC: As an 8-year old you started playing music with your brothers, what kind of music did you listen to and play, how did those early years inform your work in music as an adult.

BK: I listened and learned to play a lot of Music from the Artists from 1955. My favorite was Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Charles Brown, Louis Jordan, Frank Sinatra, and Quincy Jones.  My Brother, Ralph, had a Band called The Rockers, and I started a band called The Rebels. We usually played during the 30 or 45-minute Break of “The Rockers’ Shows.  When I learned such great Songs in 1955, that made my Life in Music so wonderful, and it just got much better each year.

AC: How was it growing up in Louisiana was it a country style or urban upbringing, how did this background make you different from the other musicians you ended up working with eventually in LA and around the world?

BK: Growing up in Louisiana was absolutely the best thing of my Life. I loved everything about that Southern State with great Music, Friends, very awesome Food, and that helped me create a very good Life.  I also loved being in LA, and I loved all of the Music I heard here. I have so many great Friends in LA too. I moved to LA in 1974, when I was asked to Sing for the Bass Player, Drummer, and Guitarist from Three Dog Night, because that Band had just Split apart because of the Manager keeping so much of their Money. However, those 3 players decided to form a New Band, and I was asked to Sing for them. It was called S.S.Fools.

AC: Tell us about medical school and your aspirations to become a medical doctor?

BK: OK. One of my best Friends in High School had a Father who was a Doctor in my hometown. His Father was a great Friend of mine too, and that is why I decided to go to McNeese University to study Pre-med for 5 years. I also was asked by that Doctor to come and be one of the Lab Techs. I started that University in 1965 after High School Graduation, and the Lab Tech job, then as well. I went to College, and worked as a Lab Tech for only 5 years.

The two Doctors owned that Hospital I worked at. One owned 25%, and after the 5th year, Police arrested him when collecting a lot of Insurance Money, for Vehicle Accidents that didn’t happen. They put him in Prison for 20 years. My friend’s Father was a severe Alcoholic, and great Surgeon. However, when he discovered that his Wife was sleeping with so many other men, he went from Louisiana to Mississippi to visit his Parents.  After they had Dinner, he checked into a Hotel near his parent’s house, and when he got to the Hotel Room, he sat on the bed, and Shot himself in the Head.

AC: What was the mitigating factor that caused you to leave the medical career trajectory and go into music full time, what did your parents say?

BK: After both of those things happened to the Doctors, I had been playing with a great Band about 4 nights each week, and being involved with MUSIC & MEDICINE, I decided to only stay with MUSIC. I quit the Hospital & the University then, and only played with Bands.

My Parents both seemed very happy about what I had gotten into then. They both loved Music so much, and they were sponsoring 2 Dance Nights each week at The American Legion Hall. Several times, The Rockers (Ralph’s Band), played at those Dances, but most of the time, they used a Record Player with all of the biggest Hit Songs at that time.

AC: Any regrets?

BK: No regrets at all. I loved playing Music with a Band then, and I didn’t have to do so much Home Work for the University anymore.

AC: I understand being 10 miles from the Texas border there were allot of venues to work, what was your first real gig like? Set list?

BK: I was born in Orange Texas, 1947, close to my Hometown in Louisiana. There was no Hospital at my Home Town when I was born, so Dad took Mom to Texas to get me born. One of the reasons there were Clubs halfway between Texas and my Hometown in Louisiana, was that Drinking age in Texas was 21 years old, and in Louisiana. The Drinking age was only 18 years old. It actually seemed like thousands of people from Texas were coming into Louisiana each weekend, and a lot during each week.

The first Club that I played in when I was 12 years old, was The Big Oaks Club. That was the smallest Club, but a very nice one. Most of the things that we played back then were from Black Band’s Songs. That always felt so great. I was playing Piano, and Singing most of the Songs on a 4 hour Set at those Clubs. We would take about a 45-minute Break during those gigs.

Soon there were Clubs that would hold 8,000 or 7,000 people. I played at all of those Clubs for so many years, and it was so fantastic. I played with about 6 different Bands at those Clubs over several years.

AC: What do you remember most, did you think that someday you would rock the biggest stages in the world? What was the vision then, in what ways did it come true?

BK: When I was about 15 years old, I played all of those Clubs 4 miles from my Hometown that held 8,000 and 7,000 people. That was very fun for me. When I stopped working at the Hospital as a Lab Tech, and quit the University, I joined a Band called “Machine”. We lived and played 2 years in New Orleans at a Club on Bourbon Street for so many people.

When the most Famous Bands from all over the World who did Concerts in New Orleans, very often, some of their most Famous Singers and Player would come to that New Orleans Club, and do some Songs with Machine. We also played so many other Venues in Louisiana, and all of the States around Louisiana. It was a great Band.

On the only Tour I did with S.S.Fools, we played for some large Crowds. about 2 years later, I was asked to Sing with Toto, and the Toto Tours were totally huge. I Sang their very first Single, “Hold the Line.” Therefore, I was the first Original Singer of Toto. I absolutely loved that whole Band, and all of the Music we created. I was Singing in Toto two different times, for a total of 18 years. I will always love everything about the Band Toto. I would love to Sing some More Songs with them someday.

AC: Tell us about your friend Jon Smith and the connection to Three Dog Night? Why what it hard to leave the south, what was the closer?

BK: Jon Smith was such a fantastic Sax Player from Lafayette, Louisiana. I Sang with 2 Bands with Jon in Louisiana, and I loved the way he played. Many times, because he played Super Loud right next to me while I was Singing, I began Singing very Loud and so strong because of my listening to Jon.

Jon was hired by Edgar Winter when Edgar organized The White Trash Band. After a couple of years, while White trash was going to play a Concert in Chicago, Jon and Bobby Ramaras (The drummer), were at a Club listening to a Band. Bobby went to the toilet to pee, and he had such long hair. While he was in the toilet, another guy said some bad things about him and they got into a fight.

The Security guys knew Jon and Bobby, and they threw that other crazy guy out of that Club. When Jon and Bobby left, about 45 minutes later, that crazy guy hiding behind another Car, jumped up and kicked Bobby on the side of his head. That guy was a Black-Belt Fighter. Bobby was knocked out, and Jon brought him to a Hospital, but Bobby died a few days later.

The White Trash Band then broke up. Jon came back to his apartment in LA that he had while playing with White Trash. When he got to LA, he received a call from the Bass Player, Drummer, and Guitarist from Three Dog Night. They told him that the singers had left that Band, and they wanted to form a new Band and they wanted Jon to play with them.

They asked him if he knew a singer, and then he called me after I had finished a Concert in Dallas Texas. He asked me if I could move to LA and Sing with some Musicians from Three Dog Night. I told Jon that he could not stop me from doing that, because Three Dog Night had been my very favorite Band at that time.

When I moved to LA, I always had a wonderful time being here. and I’ve been here for 43 years now. During that 43 years, I also lived in Frankfurt Germany for 6 years, to do 2 CD’s with as Famous Producer from Germany. Since my Mother’s Father was born in Frankfurt, I discovered a few Relatives while I was living in Frankfurt.

AC: How was it when you hit LA? Tell us about SS Fools and the deal with CBS.

BK: I enjoyed being in LA, because there is such a huge number of great Studio Players, and amongst the best of Record Companies here. About 2 months after rehearsing with S.S.Fools, we got a deal with CBS Records. While we were rehearsing for 2 months, many times, since Jeff Porcaro and David Paich liked the Three Dog Musicians, they came to those rehearsals. I was so fascinated to get to meet those 2 guys, because I knew they were among the best Musicians on Planet earth. At that time, they were doing The “Silk Degrees” Album for Boz Scaggs.

AC: Tell us about Jeff Pacaro, and David Paich, what was the plan?

BK: After they left The Boz Scaggs Band, David went to Jeff’s house, and they discussed how they would put together a Band. There was a TV on across from where they were talking for a couple of hours. After they knew the plan for their Band, they looked at the TV, and “The Wizard of OZ” was on TV. The little Dog ran and someone said: “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Jeff said that this would be a great name for the Band, “Toto.” I’m sure Jeff was so correct.

After S.S.Fools broke up, about 3 months later, I got a call from Jeff and David, and they asked me to Sing with their Band, Toto. I was so excited about that. When we were doing the very first Rehearsal Jam in Studio 55, I brought my huge Cassette Recorder, and I still have those Cassettes of the very first Jam Recording Toto ever did. Some of the Jams were partial incomplete Songs that are on the very first Toto Album. A tiny bit of “Hold The Line” and “Girl Goodbye.” Steve Lukather was only 19 years old, and he played a Solo on that “Girl Goodbye” Jam. That is still one of the best Guitar Solos I love to listen to. All of those Musicians sounded so fantastic, and so brilliant.

AC: Where were you the first time you heard, “Hold the line” on radio?

BK: I had a home in Sherman Oaks, CA. My Radio came on about 8:00am the morning after we released the “Toto” Album. The song that woke me up on that Radio was “Hold The Line.” I was so Happy to hear it on my Radio then.

AC: How did being in Toto Change your life? Highs, lows, good bad?

BK: In 1977 when Toto first began, I knew it was absolutely the very best thing my Life had ever experienced. When Toto first began, I was splitting up with my Daughter’s Mother. We were not fighting or arguing then, and I still love her as a great friend, but I told her that she could keep my house, because I did not want to make her and my daughter homeless. Just after that, Jeff Porcaro called me and told me that he had a very good Guest-Room at home, and I could stay there until I could find a Home to buy. I was at Jeff’s home for 3 months, and that was such a wonderful time of my Life. Jeff was the greatest Drummer in the World, and while I was at his house for 3 months, he was one of the most wonderful guys I had ever met.

AC: What was the greatest Toto gig ever?

BK: Almost every Toto Gig was incredible, and so many were totally crowded, and the audience always seemed to love what we were doing onstage. Everyone in Toto was loving to do what we did at all of our Concerts too.

AC: How did it feel to win 6 Grammy’s? Where do you keep yours?

BK: That was among one of the greatest nights I had ever experienced. No other Group had ever gotten 8 Nominations, nor won 6 Grammy’s. We had set a new record for Grammy Awards.  I keep all of my Grammy Awards at my Home, and I’m so proud to have them.

AC: What do you consider to be the best songs you have ever written and recorded?

BK: On the S.S.Fools Album, I wrote, “I Just Love The Feeling,” and, “My Tearbanks Overdrawn.”  When I joined Toto, my first Song with them was, “You Are The Flower,” which I had written the Music and the Lyrics were about my Daughter who was only 9 months old. On The 2nd Toto Album, I Co-Wrote: Hydra, Mama, White Sister, A Secret Love.  On the 3rd CD, I Co-Wrote Gift With A Golden Gun, English Eyes, and Turn Back. On the Toto IV CD, I Co-Wrote Good For You, and I had written about 90% of the Song Waiting For Your Love. On the Isolation CD, I Co-Wrote the Song Lion with David Paich.

When I did that Far Corporation CD in Germany, I wrote 2 Songs on it. The Songs are: If You Could See You Through My Eyes, and Rock’n Roll Connection.  I wrote all of the Lyrics & Melodies for John Zaika’s Tracks on the CD: All I Ever Needed. I loved that CD.

I was asked to get back with Toto in 1998, and we did the Mindfields CD. I wrote all of the Lyrics for the Songs Mindfields and Cruel. I also Co-Wrote Caught In The Balance.  The last Toto CD I worked on was Falling In Between. I wrote all of the Lyrics for the Song Falling In Between. Then I Wrote most of the Lyrics and Melody for the Songs:
Dying On My Feet, Bottom Of Your Soul, King Of The World, Hooked, Taint Your World, Let It Go, No End In Sight.

However, I’ve been told by so many people, that some of the best things I’ve done were the Lyrics and Vocals on: “Bobby Kimball We’re Not In Kansas Anymore.” John Zaika and Dave Barnett did the Tracks for my New Solo CD, and I love those Songs, and the way it sounds.

AC: During the 5th album you left the band and moved to Germany, why Germany? What kind of projects did you do there?

BK: 3 days after I left Toto, I got a message from a great German Producer called Frank Farian. He mostly was doing Bands that only would Lip-Sync the Songs onstage like Milli Vanilli. He told me he wanted to do a CD which we would Sing the Vocals Live onstage. The CD was called: Far Corporation, and that is when I met Simon Philips who played some Drums on that CD. I loved how he played Drums. Then I did a 2nd CD with Frank Farian. I bought a House and Lived in Frankfurt for 6 years in the mid-80’s. I loved living in Frankfurt, knowing that my Mother’s Father was born and Lived in Frankfurt. It is a fun place to be.

AC: While you were gone from Toto the band never matched the success that you had, why did they ask you back in 1998, but more importantly why did you decided to go back?

BK: Steve Lukather and David Paich contacted me and asked me to rejoin Toto. That was among the greatest surprises of my life. I went back with Toto for 10 more years until 2008.Going back to be in Toto was always among the very best things for me. I would always love to do some more membership in Toto anytime.

AC: Did you think your best work was in the first affiliation with the band or the second and last 10 years?

BK: I think that since the Toto IV CD had won many Grammy’s, that was about the best CD we had done. However, the Falling In Between CD was my next Favorite. The First Toto Album was very great to me as well.

AC: Why did the band dissolve in 2008?

BK: In 2005, we began a 2&1/2-year Tour for The Falling In Between CD. About halfway through that tour, Mike Porcaro became very Ill with ALS Disease, and he left that Tour and went home in LA. We hired Leland Sklar (Incredible Bassist) to play Bass for Toto then. Not long after that, David Paich told us that his Sister needed two Lung Transplants, and he needed to get to LA and find them for her, because she was his only living relative. Greg Phillinganes (Incredible Keyboardist and Vocalist), played Keyboards, and did some vocals for Toto then. Since Me and Steve Lukather were the only 2 original Toto members onstage, Steve told us that he wanted to form a Solo Band. I’m sure his Solo band was wonderful, because he plays very fantastic, and I love his vocals too.

AC: Tell us about your solo projects and touring schedule, its seems that you never stopped or even slowed down? Why do you love the road so much?

BK: I was involved with a record label company in Germany called “Mausoleum Records” and I did a Solo CD in 1994 called Rise Up. Then, I got my Solo Band to Tour all over the World, and they played some of those Songs on the Rise Up CD. In 1999, John Zaika and me co-wrote and recorded a solo CD called All I Ever Needed. John wrote the tracks, and I wrote the lyrics and sang the melodies. My solo band did many of those songs as well. My new solo CD, that John Zaika and Dave Barnett wrote the tracks, and the CD name came from John Zaika. I sang most all of the vocals, but the CD Name is: “Bobby Kimball We’re Not In Kansas Anymore.” I love that CD so much, and I get such wonderful comments from tons of people about this CD.

I have always been touring all over the world very much every year. I am usually on the road for about 200 or 250 days a year, doing concerts everywhere in this world. I love touring a lot, and it always keeps me as Happy as I can possibly live My life.

AC: Tell us about “Future Memories Music”, what are some of the projects?

BK: John Zaika and me talked about creating a new record label, and about a week after trying to think of a name for our company, when I woke up after 7 days, I had a dream that gave me the name for us called, “Future Memories Music.” Now our Future Memories Music is not a label, it is a production company. I feel very good that we have this company now.

AC: Tell us about your new Album, We are not in Kansas anymore

BK: John Zaika and Dave Barnett (from Dallas, Texas) wrote the tracks that I sang, and I love this CD so much. When John and I started trying to think of a good name for our solo CD, John was the one who named our CD, and I thought that it was not only good, but very funny.

AC: Tell us about your latest project and touring schedule?

BK: The latest project has been my new solo CD: “Bobby Kimball We’re Not In Kansas Anymore.” However, yesterday, July 12th, 2017, I met with my Screenplay Writer and Producer for the Movie I wrote about a true story. He has a financier now, and he has hired someone who will choose the characters for my movie. I was told it would be filmed fairly soon now.

I have had a bit of time-off from the road recently, however, I have played several concerts with some different bands. Soon I will do a concert in Budapest, and 2 days later, I’ll do a concert in Wisconsin. Then 2 days later than Wisconsin, I’ll have to go and tour in South America for 15 days. After the last concert in South America, I have to leave Buenos Aires, Argentina, at midnight after the Concert, and fly to Miami for an hour. Then I have to fly from Miami to Ontario Canada, and play a Concert that same night that I left South America. 3 days after the concert in Canada, I’ll play a concert in Trinidad. Ten days later, I’ll do another concert in Budapest with a band and an orchestra. Nine days later, I’ll be touring for 19 days in Australia. Four days later, I’ll be back in South America touring for 13 days. I have no problem with touring so many days, because that is what keeps me as happy as I can possibly live my life. I have so many more concerts and tours for the rest of the year.

AC: How do you feel about New Media, how has it changed what you do?

BK: My new media as far as the internet is concerned is fantastic, I love that people are able to get access to new music or any music right away, but what I would love to see is fair royalty rates for streaming. It seems that there is a misconception about the cost of making music, when you make a quality record there is still a lot of cost in this process, so to cover these costs you have to be able to make a viable income, unfortunately most of these streaming sites rates are all over the place it would be nice to see a flat rate agreed upon by the industry to make it fair to all.

AC: How can people get in touch with you and purchase new music?

BK: The best way is my Facebook Page ( Bobby Kimball Official Facebook page ), and The new CD,  We’re Not In Kansas Anymore,  is available in the US ( North America) through Purple Pyramid Records (Cleopatra Records), Asia through King Records Japan, And in Europe In-Akustic Records.  There are HD version out available in Europe online from In-Akustik. If you google the record where ever you are it’s available everywhere…Itunes, Amazon, Spotify ETC….

AC: In the end when all is said and done, how would you like History to remember you?

BK: I’m so happy and I feel so great, I have no idea when the end will be. However, I would love for everyone to appreciate what I have done for them (Musically), and I enjoy doing everything for them as well.

AC: What would you like your legacy to be?

BK: I can’t wait to Sell a lot more Solo CD’s that we created. I also would love to have my movie filmed as well. I’m going to use some of the songs that John and I recorded in my movie, and many more songs that I have written many years ago. I’m going to record those songs very soon, and I will release movie-title CD very soon.

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