• Sumptiously quirky Linden Row Inn delights in Virginia

    RICHMOND, VA (Herald de Paris) —  Ghosts,  vineyards, and craft breweries, to an acclaimed Fine Arts Museum, a trip to the historic American South is not complete without a trip to the state Capitol of Virginia. Richmond is tucked 2 hours South of Washington, DC and 7 hours south of NYC. It is historically an archly conservative mid Atlantic Southern town that is currently shaking its own roots to breath modern fresh air into its Civil War era history.

    Richmond may appear less poetic at first glance than the rolling green hills of its academic neighbour, Charltottesville, but Richmond is home instead to the lush and evocative James River with its wide flat pancake rocks that are perfect to lounge on in the sticky hot Southern summer. Richmond also has some of the best historic architecture in the Mid Atlantic. The stunning nationally awarded restoration work of Main St Station by URS, led by James Sved,  cannot be ignored.  Neither too, the world renowned Jefferson Hotel .

    It is hospitality the South is known for and if there is one hotel that has that in abundance in Richmond it is the delightful Linden Row Inn, just a few short blocks from the Jefferson Hotel. The Linden Row Inn, comprised  of 8 historic Greek Revival row houses built in 1847 -1853,  just oozes charm that is both light and airy, and  envelops you, “Like a warm hug,” to use Manager Casey Watson’s phrase.

    Centrally located with a clever use of historic features combined with an open plan modern restoration guarantees a hotel that holds its interest long after departing.  Luxuriously quirky rooms are furnished with rare antiques from the 19th century combined with what appears to be a comfortable mix and match of some refurbished and well fashioned later era estate sale finds. It’s like one of those faces where all the features on their own aren’t quite all symetrically perfect or supposed to even go together, but somehow the finished product is perfect and more beautiful; more handsome and interesting than George Clooney’s perfect features .

    Renowned Mid-Atalntic restoration architect and architectural historian James Edward Sved said of the Linden Inn, “It may seem modest in the shadow of its more opulent cousin across Franklin Street (The Jefferson), but the structures of Linden Row are of an earlier age – and display a more personal and cozy sense of scale.  The overall restoration is more closely tied to the Italian tradition of the continued and evolutionary life of buildings.”

    This is the kind of hotel you want to book for a week with all your friends and family. There is something for everyone, from oversized parlour rooms to spacious garden rooms overlooking a paved garden full of roses and jasmine, where Edgar Allan Poe courted his lady love.

    Anika Benika has worked the front desk for ten years. Quick to welcome you Ms. Benika knows the effect of a good ghost story. She, herself, has seen a confederate soldier sitting at a dinner table for 7 of the 10 years she has worked there. Occasionally,  guests have ghost sightings, including one that coincidentally appeared to see the very same ghost Ms. Benika saw, just in a different part of the building. If there are ghosts, they appear to be overwhelmingly friendly and at home at Linden Row as the erstwhile Ms. Benika and the rest of the staff.

    Linden Row Inn, complete with its nooks and crannies, its stylish chic effervescent sensibility, and its new  neighbourhood contemporary farm to table restaurant and bar, will delight you in few ways any hotel can. It will evoke memories of  London and Europe before space was a premium, whilst all the while being firmly planted in the history of Richmond and only something Richmond could deliver. Lushly perfect in its “just so” imperfections. It is worth booking and staying a while. The hotel’s shuttle will drive you anywhere within a two mile radius and if you need a gym the Inn will offer complimentary guest passes.

    Linden Row Inn is part of the great American Hotels Collection.


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