• Stand-up Gal: Kathy Griffin goes BRAVO

    By Sueanne Shirzay on April 19, 2012

    NEW YORK (Herald de Paris) — Where will you be Thursday, April 19th at 10 PM EST?

    I, for one, will be “keeping it red” and watching my fellow redhead Kathy Griffin, when she unleashes her new weekly BRAVO talk show, shockingly named Kathy, upon the viewing public.

    When asked to characterize her hour long talk show, she noted it would be “something like the McLaughlin group only with a drunken 91-year-old”, whom she, of course, fondly calls Mom. Because it’s her Mom.

    Judging by the multitude of questions she peppered a cadre of seasoned reporters with, which ranged from “just a little funny” to ” I can’t believe you asked me that question”, types of questions, the two-time Emmy award winner is well suited for this new gig. If this talk show thing doesn’t work out, she can always take up truck driving, because this girlfriend swears like she has had a close and personal relationships with a Mack for 20 years or possibly more .

    Kathy Griffin plans on drawing daily inspiration for her show from Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader and the classic, Mike Douglas Show, but will not have any qualms about stooping to the level of Kids Say the Darndest Things. She hopes to combine genuine news stories and tidbits about her favorite shows like Celebrity Apprentice and the fabulous Long Island Medium show and thinks her biggest challenge may be just how crazy she can make her comrades in the editing booth due to the lack of structure and freewheeling style the show will have.

    She intends to have on non-Hollywood people due to the fact that she highly doubts the celebrity types are allowed to get real and be genuine with the media. Her reasoning: “Why would I? How could I possibly say the things to celebrities that America wants to (hear me) say?” She sees her show’s demographic as “Women and gay men. And it’s for married men on the down low. It’s for experimental men that have girlfriends that dress very well and have something to tell her but they can’t find the right time. It’s for guys who maybe just cheated on their girlfriends and now they need to make it up to her, so they will do fucking anything. It’s for guys that fake it and act like they care about women’s issues, but don’t give a shit and they’re trying to get laid. ”

    When I asked her why standups have the best reputations for talk shows and why redheads are so awesome and of course her in particular, (Disclaimer, I am often a redhead) she indicated, “Well, because nobody knows how to fill dead air like a comedian. Also we love to talk about ourselves and our thoughts and our feelings and our musings. And we like to also be offensive, which you will certainly get in buckets on this show. And as far as the redhead situation, I think it’s because certainly being picked on as a child with wiry and fiery red hair and the pale skin and freckles didn’t exactly help. And then it makes you have to be funny to survive.”  She then promised unequivocally that she will be the funniest redhead on the show. I think I believe her.

    When commenting about her alleged banning from the Today show for allegedly being rude to one of the hosts, she indicated she will not ban many people from her show but noted that will consider banning a hologram here or there. Though she is under the impression that the Today show denies that she has been banned, she indicated that usually when one is not banned one has a booking when one is invited on a show and none of this had materialized at interview time.

    Personally, I don’t care who bans Ms. Griffith. She will find a way to rise to the top, or at least the top of the bottom. Which in Hollywood circles is sometimes still the top, isn’t it? I love her style and humor, and I’m pretty sure the rest of America will too. She not only says what everybody else is thinking, and is afraid to say, (behind their backs, because she’s a lady), but has a way of delivering it in a ridiculously and heartwarming witty stylized package that everyone can relate to.

    When Sueanne Shirzay is not yukking it up with funny people she can be found not cleaning up after herself in her artisan jewelry studio, creating Killer Social media strategy and writing for three blogs. SHIRZAY.COM

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