Sanders and Clinton would beat Trump, says Herald de Paris online poll

By Anna Wilding on February 28, 2016


Photo via Creative Commons licensing

WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) — ¬†The Herald de Paris ran a 24 hour online Twitter poll over the weekend, to ascertain exactly how things would stack up if Donald Trump were nominated as the GOP candidate. We asked two separate poll questions, “If ran in November against who would you vote for?” and, ¬†“If ran in November against who would you vote for?”

The results, given Mr. Trump’s sweeping victories in GOP primaries to date, were surprising:

Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump 77% to 23%

Bernie Sanders beat Donald Trump 82% to 18%

This suggests Bernie Sanders has a greater chance of beating Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton does,  in the general election.

The Herald de Paris readers tend to be educated and well traveled, over the age of 23.  Herald de Paris is American-owned and published, with 55% of our readers in Europe and 40% in the United States.  This was an online twitter poll where users are mainly American.

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