REVIEW: The Terms of Us is an intelligent and deeply moving film.

By Herald de Paris Contributor's Bureau on January 29, 2019

By Elia Esparza, Special to the Herald de Paris
HOLLYWOOD (Herald de Paris) —  It is not easy to capture the dynamics of family dysfunction on film. The most remarkable achievement of The Terms of Usis its ability to find the balance between great sadness and joyful memories, between moments of deep painful truth and that of resolute hope.

A short film inspired by real events, The Terms of Us, is a hard-hitting, emotional honest domestic drama that represents the height of short film craftsmanship.

Actor/Director/Producer Roberto Sanchez has made a film that encapsulates the deepest essence of family dysfunction. Sanchez has a dual role in acting in the film and working behind the camera to make a remarkably intelligent and assured directorial debut.

The Terms of Us is an indie film with a predominant Latino flavor with a universal story line and is produced by Erika Sabel Flores, who also co-produced the fabulous indie Shine,and Mike McKnight, whose music credits include Madonna: Drowned World Tour, added the musical magic.

Based on Sanchez and his older brother’s life with their mother, a Cuban immigrant, The Terms of Us was not an easy film to make. “It was a desperate need for redemption,” Sanchez stated. “I was determined this was the film I had to make.” Sanchez did a magnificent job in weaving in the lingering cruelty of child abuse and scars that linger into adulthood.

Set in Miami, The Terms of Us captures the magic of summer days, the Cuban music is candy to our hearing senses, and tells the story about two brothers and their 11 years-long estrangement from their mother.

One afternoon, while playing basketball with good friend “El Cojo” (Guillermo Jorge) Jose (Sanchez) has a brief encounter with a homeless woman walking by the court sidelines. Jose is captivated, haunted and one can almost hear what is stirring in his mind: “She’s someone’s mother… had she hurt her children enough to cause irreparable damage making forgiveness a near impossibility?”

The Terms of Us confronts these questions and demands answers between two brothers who are in disagreement when it comes to finding and reconciling with their mother.

Despite the Garcia’s painful childhoods both brothers have managed to live fruitful lives. Jose, a successful actor, lives in L.A., working on Hollywood projects that take him all over the globe. Older brother Manuel (Mauricio Mendoza), has found peace by pouring himself into his business and caring for his family. The brothers’ beloved cousin, Elena (Lourdes Colon) is often caught in the middle of the Garcia’s disagreements over their mother. Camila (Doris Morgado) is Jose’s cherished childhood friend. The homeless woman (Gloria Sandoval) pulls at our heartstrings.

Life is packed with unpredictable endings, but even if The Terms Of Us is dripping in deep significance, its own finale opens the way for a future of redemption and forgiveness. Roberto Sanchez, in making The Terms Of Us, demonstrates he has the talent to put together a short film that has a compelling narrative. He has patience, attention to detail and infinite dogged persistence to go from fade-in to credits.

The Terms of Us 

A Roberto Sanchez Film

Writer/Director: Roberto “Sanz” Sanchez

Producers: Erika Sabel Flores, Lenee Adkins

Executive Producer: Roberto “Sanz” Sanchez

Cinematography: Wesley Rodriguez

Editor: David Bartlett

Casting: Roberto “Sanz” Sanchez

Music: Mike McNight

Cast: Roberto “Sanz” Sanchez, Mauricio Mendoza, Doris Morgado, Lourdes Colon, Gloria Sandoval, Guillermo Jorge

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