ProPublica’s Abrahm Lustgarten Wins a George Polk Award

By Wire News Sources on February 16, 2010

George Polk Award

ProPublica is very pleased to note that our own Abrahm Lustgarten is the winner of the George Polk Award for Environmental Reporting. Lustgarten won for his outstanding coverage of the dangers associated with drilling for natural gas.

Since Lustgarten began reporting on the topic, members of Congress have introduced new legislation that would regulate hyrdraulic fracturing (the drilling technique) and called for studies to determine the impact of the process. And states are also taking a second look at how they regulate hydrofracking and how they should dispose of the wastewater produced from the process.

We put together a list of the articles that we submitted to the Polk judges.

All of this year’s winners of the George Polk Awards can be found here. Events will be held in April to honor the winners. Congratulations Abrahm!

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