• OP ED: How inept is Awesomeness TV?

    By Herald de Paris Contributor's Bureau on March 14, 2017

    HOLLYWOOD —  We have no words for this and perhaps it is just best we publish the idiocy of some of the millennial platforms and what professional film and television award winning content creators are faced with.

    Is Awesomeness TV  degrading to experienced craft people? Yes.  Is it age discrimination? Sure. Does it treat all girls between 13-20 as utter bimbos who have no interest in the world we live in today from politics, sciences, arts to fashion? Yes. Is it sexist? Yes. Apparently, male owners over the age of 50 can join the site and create and dictate content but not award winning female professionals?  Huh.

    Awesomeness TV  is owned by Dreamworks Animation (Think Speilberg, Katezenberg), Verizon and Comcast.Will it ever go head to head with Disney? Not a chance in it’s current state. Disney is open to working with people from all ages, female and male. The following emails will prove Awesomeness TV is not.

    It is currently run by Brett Bouttier, with founder Birk Rawlings  stepping down at the start of the year.  We give you not so awesome Awesomeness TV discriminatory emails in response to award winning female Director. Please note like many professional industry crafts people, she does not have a significant You Tube presence as she makes films for cinemas, television and mobile devices. Please note those You Tubes that that she does have, feature women and are about fashion, politics, arts and sciences. Smart girl stuff. Please note that Awesome TV offers no contact numbers to speak to program executives..everyone is told to sign up through the online portal and then treated basically,not well.

    How Awesomeness TV can  call itself an girls network for 13-20 year olds when it prejudices and discriminates directly against women content makers (And only allows YouTube video users with millions of views, which are often and easily bought at a click farm), is beyond us. We give you there emails, written by a female employee. And people wonder why there are not enough female directors in Hollywood. Look to the top. The discrimination starts there.


    Hi (insert name of Anonymous female director)

    If you visit our main channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AwesomenessTV, you will notice majority of our content focuses on fashion, lifestyle, blogging, DIYs, etc. Our main demographic is teenage girls between the age of 13-20. After reviewing your content, we see that it is more targeted to an older age group and not quite relevant to our network’s material.

    Furthermore, we require a minimum of 100 subscribers, 10 videos, and 100 daily views per video. All channels need to meet this requirement. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this rule.

    Hi Awesome

    Actually that’s not correct. I have major projects in development for younger audiences and as stated before need to speak with your programming director. Please. So you are saying it is okay for your over 60 year old male boss but not a younger woman to partner and make content?

    Hi (insert name of Anonymous female director)

    As stated before, your content is not closely related to our network’s main focuses on fashion, lifestyle, blogging, and DIYs, or our demographic.

    Furthermore, you are missing our minimum requirements to be partnered.

    We believe you will find a network that is a better fit for your content.

    Hi Awesome TV

    No the point is you don’t know what my content is!!!  I just optioned a major book. children stories we are currently in active development  pre production on. Please escalate this to your managers and program acquisitions team.

    Hi (insert name of Anonymous female director)

    From what is currently on your channel, your content is not relative to our network and does not have have the statistics to be escalated to our partner managers.

    Unfortunately, your channel does not pass our screening to be partnered.


    Hi Awesome TV

    No you are missing the point.


    And that’s the sad truth of it. Female directors over the age of “millennial” locked out of major networks, for being female and not having enough YouTube hits in spite of incredible resumes. Of course they are working with old males.  Awesomeness TV.  Not so awesome. Girls switch channels. Verizon, not a good look. Time to change providers?

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