By Murray Chass on May 21, 2017

    In his 18 years as a major league outfielder, 11 with the New York Yankees, Lou Piniella did not stand out as a candidate for a post-career job as a manager. His most outstanding attribute was his consistency for his honesty and his candor. (How often do you find a manager who is honest and candid?)

    Probably the best example of that Piniella trait came at the height of the Yankees’ firestorm of George and Billy and Reggie. The owner, the manager and the superstar were constantly saying insulting things about each other that required responses from the others.

    In one instance, two reporters went to Piniella at his locker at Yankee Stadium and asked him about something that one or two of the tragic trio had said. We offered to keep his response anonymous if he preferred.

    “If you don’t use my name, don’t use what I say,” Piniella remarked in a stunning and unexpected response.

    Piniella, who retired after 23 years as a manager with five different teams, has …

    Murray Chass

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