PARIS (Herald de Paris) – Straddling the Bosporus, Istanbul is the only city in the world to span two continents. Home to the famous Hagia Sofia, it is a city seeped in history so rich that only a few other ancient civilizations can rival it. Mosques and palaces built over a millennium ago stand proud against the skyscrapers and apartment complexes that house the 16 million residents, making it one of the largest cities in the world. In the summer heat (temperatures average 28c or 82f in August), locals play backgammon while sipping tea, only then to brave traffic that makes LA seem tame. Just around the corner tourists pack the streets, buying up the bazaars and eating corn on the cob sold by street vendors like hot dogs in New York.

Istanbul is an easy clash of the old and new, a city that truly breathes culture and style.

(All photos by Lily Hodges, All rights reserved)

Lori Cole August 13, 2009

Hello my dear!
These pictures are just fantastic! Your artical was also informative and passionate. I think my favorite is the anciant stained glass windows in the cathedrials. Probabally breathtaking to see in person with the natural light coming through.
Miss and love you.

Sue Curtis August 13, 2009

Beautiful pictures Lily!! Sounds like you had a great time getting to know the culture.. You are the best traveler…I love reading your articles from your perspective..When are you coming home??

Angela Corrias December 1, 2009

Amazing Istanbul, I do have a love affair with that city!

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