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  • The Arena Rock band Tesla‚Äôs Brian Wheat

    HOLLYWOOD (Herald de Paris) —¬† ¬†TESLA is a multi-platinum American rock band from Northern California known for their melodic songs and down to earth appeal. Thanks to their die-hard, loyal fan base and their younger generation offspring, TESLA continues to tour to sold-out crowds around the world. Brian Wheat is best known as the bass […]

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  • The MITCH RYDER Conversation

    Hollywood (Herald de Paris) ‚ÄĒ ¬†¬†Of the many gifts given to the world by the Detroit music scene, from the compositions of Duke Ellington to the raw punk power of The Stooges and Hall of Fame nominees The MC5, one of the most enduring has been the unforgettable voice of Mitch Ryder. Whether performing with […]

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