• Our Sunday interview gets “Chaderized”: MDL’s Chad Rogers

    By Crystal Chambers on November 21, 2009

    HOLLYWOOD (Herald de Paris) – We’re here in Los Angeles interviewing Chad Rogers, from the fly-on-the-wall television show Million Dollar Listing, airing Monday nights on BRAVO. MDL showcases three hot, young real estate entrepreneurs, their twists, turns, fallibility and successes while selling million dollar plus homes in the L.A. market. MDL AFTERPARTY is one of the feature columns of the Herald de Paris.

    CR: Miss Crystal, Hi! How are you? Miss Crystal, my Twitter friend!

    HDP: I know! Thank you for the interview, I really appreciate the opportunity. I’m just finishing the next MDL article for the AFTERPARTY.

    CR: Nice, it’s always a party! I enjoy reading the articles.

    HdP: Thank you! How did you meet Madison and Josh?

    CR: We’re all obviously real estate agents in the vicinity, obviously our paths are going to cross…through real estate; we were just business associates.

    HdP: We see that sometimes there’s a little bit of tension between you three. Is that more the staging of the show… how the producers are staging it?

    CR: There isn’t any staging. Our production company is pretty adamant about everything being organic. So the dramatic moments…those are all real.

    HdP: Were you all picked for your different approaches to selling real estate, your personalities, or a combination thereof?

    CR: Well, I’d like to think of our show as something where we all kind of stand on our own and represent who we are. I wouldn’t say necessarily that we are associated with one another. But, having said that I can speak for myself that the production company found me based on my reputation and my credibility. I was a real estate agent for eight years at the time they found me. So, when they found me and I had my interview with them it clicked. I’m just glad I was the right Chad for the Chad character they had in mind.

    [Chad laughs]

    HdP: ::laughing:: A lot is going through my head with that.

    CR: You shoot, ask what ever you want.

    HdP: What can you tell us that highlights the differences in your sales approach vs Josh or Madison’s?

    CR: Well, I’d like to think of myself as one that thinks outside the box. Especially in the market we’re in it’s very important to you know…come up with new creative ways to attract buyers and pick up new business.

    You saw that last episode with the broker’s open with the cake. I thought having a little party with a cake (that matched the house) would be a good way to be remembered. They are always going to remember the little house in China Cove with the cake. It’s things like that we need to do to get our properties out there.

    HdP: What’s your favorite type of sale (house, condo, land) and what area is your favorite to list in?

    CR: My favorite area to list in is Malibu. I grew up in a community called Malibu Colony. When I got in the business I knew I wanted to dominate the sales in the Colony, I focus on the marketing to the neighbors in the community and focus a lot on the rentals too. A lot of the owners don’t want to sell in this market, so they take advantage of the peak summer months. Which [the owners] can maximize in the $80,000.00 plus price range.

    Second to that I would say that a lot of the residents in the colony also have primary residences in other parts of the LA area: Beverly Hills, Brentwood and their primary residences are four times the size of their beach houses. So having initially focused on the Colonies brought me to represent some of the most affluent home owners in the areas of Los Angeles.

    I would say that my number one area is Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Hills. I love the Hollywood Hills because it has a very young, hip, contemporary feel. I really connect to contemporary architecture; that’s more of an emotional (type of listing) for me to represent those types of homes.

    HdP: So houses like Jack’s house, the big white boxy looking house?

    CR: Not necessarily like Jack’s house, but more like Val Coulton’s house; the one I co listed with Ben Cole. The sleek home with city views, that’s what I connect with.

    HdP: That was a beautiful house.

    CR: So, could you live there?

    HdP: Not on what I make, I’m a writer.

    [We both laugh]

    CR: Yeah, but if somebody was giving you the house wouldn’t that be a nice house to live in?

    HdP: Definitely, of course.

    CR: If it were mine, I’d want floor panels on it. I’m trying to get more green and eco friendly.

    HdP: Yeah, I read that on your website that you’re really into green and earth friendly things. Do you try to get your clients to do more of the eco-friendly additions if they remodel?

    CR: Well, I’m always promoting it on every level I can, obviously I’m not a 100% green – my car – but, with that exception I’m trying to use less plastic bags when I go out on vacations. As you may know, I like to organize a lot of different things in plastic bags. That’s where my anal-retentiveness comes in.

    HdP: I’ve noticed that. Is [excessive plastic bag use] because you’re trying to be organized or because you are a germaphobe?

    CR: No. I just try to be organized, and when you travel long distances things like to shift around and products like to explode and get on your clothes and the plastic bags keep that from happening.

    HdP: I want to shift gears just a little bit. After the episode a week ago about what happened between you and Victoria over custody of Starla, have you given any thought about getting another Chihuahua?

    CR: You know, we’ve actually talked about it. But, at the stage the stage we are at right now, and we don’t have a big back yard, so you know, it’s probably not the right thing to do. But eventually I would love to get a second little dog, because I’ve fallen so in love with Starla it would be nice to get a little Chi friend for her.

    HdP inner monologue: The dog weighs about 19 ounces…how much yard do two 19 ounce dogs need?

    HdP: I told my publisher I was going to suggest to you that you should do a coffee table picture book featuring Starla in the foreground, with the houses you’ve sold in the background.

    CR: [laughing]  Wouldn’t that be hilarious!! Let me tell you this– I wanted a Labrador or German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, I was always into the big dogs – that when we decided on Starla I was like, “she’s so small, how am I going to connect with her?” I’m an animal lover so I’m a sucker for all animals – I’ve fallen in love with Starla. We’re like two peas in a pod.

    HdP: You know I know all about that because I write about your affection for her quite a bit.

    CR: Yes, I do. I guarantee you Crystal, if you met Starla she would suck you into her web. She’s so great to take with me, she really does break the ice. Even though I take my business very seriously, it’s nice to take Starla to meet clients that love animals because they get a kick out of meeting her and enables everything to be a little more relaxed and glides the deal through.

    HdP inner monologue: That’s called a diversionary tactic in psych terms.

    HdP: I’m sure you’ve notice one of my favorite topics to write about is your hair.

    CR: Uh, I have unique hair?

    [Chad is laughing, again]

    HdP: Where did you get the idea for your hairstyle?

    CR: You know, I had short spikey hair years ago. You could probably dig up photos from back in the day. I wanted something different so I just let it grow and kept growing it and growing it and people were like “Wow! You really look young for your age,” and I knew it was the hair.

    I liked [that view people had of me] and I just let it grow to the style I have now. I’m really getting a kick out of you know, the feedback from people – some people don’t like it – but the bottom line is I’m the one that wears it and I love it.

    And until I’m done with it and on to a new style I’m keeping it. And it’s funny because in real estate it’s really about being memorable. It’s so easy to be forgotten in a sea of agents all over the place.

    I talk about branding when I give speeches and stuff and people remember “Oh, you’re the agent the ‘the hair’…” if my hair were just like everyone else’s I would just blend in.

    HdP: I would have to agree with standing out in a crowd, as my hair is pink.

    CR: See, I’m glad you see the value of being different. My last name is Rogers, so in a lot of my marketing efforts I always put, “It’s always a wonderful day in my neighborhood,” so people tie me into Mr. Rogers and that’s something they can associate me with because the value is if they work with me, they’re always going to have a wonderful day.

    HdP inner monologue: would you be mine, could you be mine…won’t…you be…my neighbor?

    It’s little kitschy stuff like that we need to do to get ourselves remembered.

    HdP: I’ve noticed too that you are a relentless self promoter, I’ve come to understand that a lot of what you are doing is not just ego driven but is this to promote the show or your business ?

    CR: Absolutely. It’s all about branding. Look at the master of branding, Donald Trump. He’s called “The Donald”, he can walk anywhere in the world and people know who he is. He puts his name on something and he makes millions of dollars for doing that.

    That sort of notoriety at the end of the day, the end of the rainbow that pot of gold, is something I want to accomplish.

    HdP: So, will we be calling you “The Chadderizer”?

    CR: If you want to call me “The Chaderizer” Crystal you are more than welcome to, I won’t mind.

    HdP: I get a kick out of when you “Chaderize” a house.

    CR: People get a kick out of the karate chop to the pillows. In real life I might be a little more conservative; but when people come up to me they may want to say “hi”, “I love your show” and ask me to do the karate chop sound “Ki-ya!”.

    HdP: You are really nice and personable in real life.

    CR: You know, it’s really about the fans. When I got into this, I knew it was the fans that make the show, not the other way around. I am very grateful and appreciative of everyone that’s connected with the show and wanted to connect with my character outside of the show. I try to get back to as many people as I can because if it weren’t for them I probably wouldn’t be where I am.

    HdP inner monologue in a German accent: Zo Helmut, zome ox-zy-gen haz gotzen through to your brain. Vee vill be wer-ry suspic-ious of any arrogant be-hav-iour in ze future!

    HdP: So to recap and put any last thoughts in, what other types of marketing do you do for yourself aside from advertising in real estate magazines?

    CR: That is something I want to stress. I take my business very seriously. I graduated from the University of Denver; I was a business major and minored in finance. So, I bring a lot of that to the table. I take more of a business approach to selling property. Obviously a lot of what goes into being a real estate agent is being an expert in marketing. Marketing yourself and marketing the properties you represent.

    So, uh that’s really what I put into my business. Marketing is key. The way I market my properties being affiliated with Hilton and Highland. What’s different about Hilton and Highland is that we are affiliated with Christie’s network and a lot of auction buyers and I’m able to network to those clients as well. And that’s what gives me the edge especially in the $5,000,000.00 plus properties – and myself- to the more affluent clientele. That’s something that gives Hilton Highland and me an edge to pick up new business and sell property.

    HdP: That will be of interest to our reader base as we reach people from the average person up the Paris Hilton’s of the world in an international market.

    CR: That’s awesome. I wanted to do this interview not just for your reach, but I really like the time you spend to post the recaps of the show and you seem like a really down to earth person, and I wanted to connect with you and do this interview.

    HdP: Thanks Chad, I really appreciate that.

    CR: Thanks Miss Crystal…send me some tweets!

    Chad Rogers can be found every week in the Million Dollar Listing recaps in the AFTERPARTY section of the Herald de Paris.  Chad can also be reached for real estate related matters via his website, and can be seen Monday nights on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing.

    Palmer November 21, 2009

    I love the Afterparty articles and I’m glad I can read them especially when miss an episode.

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