Open letter to “sensationalized media” producers, editors & publishers

By JE Sved on April 1, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) - If you feel as I do after reading the below, please cut, paste, forward, or snail-mail this to an editor, publisher, or producer of the show or publication you saw the Sandra Bullock paparazzi story in or on, tonight.  Let the sensationalized media know that you expect dignity and decorum from them.  Thank you.

Dear sensationalized media:

How could you?

When did you all become the pariah you send out there to torture people?¬† I’m talking, of course, about your coverage of yesterday’s “Sandra Bullock sighting” in Los Angeles.¬† You see, what you are doing is disgusting.

I’m talking to you, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, TMZ, E!, Us, People, Inside Edition, and all the rest.¬† You all precipitate this frenzied behavior by paying these paparazzi.¬† It has to stop.

Perhaps you forget Walter Cronkite.¬† Tom Brokaw.¬† People actually look to the news media for their cues on how to behave, and the example you are setting is repugnant.¬† Did you learn nothing from that French television experiment?¬† If not told what to do, people will electrocute each other on national television.¬† It’s up to you to be the backbone; to be the moral fortitude that says, “No, this is inappropriate.”

Here’s the thing:¬† Sandra Bullock is hurting.¬† She has suffered a terrible shock, and she’s mourning.¬† Yes, she’s mourning the sudden and untimely death of her marriage.¬† How might you feel if it were you?¬† Would you like to be hounded and demeaned at the lowest point in your adult life?¬† Forced to hide indoors and behind gates?¬† I think not.¬† Instead, you would want the comfort and respect of your friends and peers.

Many of you have covered Ms. Bullock’s career for years.¬† You are her friends and her peers, and yet you dangle money at these bottom-feeding dumpster-divers, and you pay them royally to violate the respect you had for your friend.

It’s immoral, and honestly, I don’t know how you can sleep at night.

And I’ll save you the trouble, “Whine, whine, That’s the price you pay for fame.”¬† Umm, no.¬† Nobody deserves what happened to Ms. Bullock’s marriage, and nobody deserves the degrading way you are sending an army of digital pixel-grabbers to block her every move.¬† You can’t even call them photographers anymore, because they never even look through the lens.

You have no excuse.¬† YOU can’t blame the paparazzi if you’re the ones paying them.¬† If you stop, they will have to go away.¬† Oh, I’m sure that you are afraid that some pimple-faced blogger will steal your scoop if you don’t have your pariah.¬† But is “Jenny’s Celebrity Blog” going to pay a paparazzo when they can’t steal the photo from your own website?¬† Honestly?¬† And if you’re really afraid of¬† “Jenny’s Celebrity Blog” perhaps you should be investing your pariah budget in making¬† some bigger changes, don’t you think?

Make it go away.¬† Because when the celebrities decide they don’t want to play the game anymore, you’ll all be out of work, anyway.

Do the right thing.


Jes Alexander, Publisher
Herald de Paris et Cie.

PS I’m sure you want to see how disgusting the paparazzi were in covering Ms. Bullock yesterday.¬† You can find it all over the web.¬† We won’t publish it.¬† Some things are more important that website hits.


Collin April 1, 2010

Right on, Jes!!

Marianne April 1, 2010

Very well stated, Jes! If more media people were like you, this world would be a better place.

Sandra Bullock is a human being first and foremost. I feel so sorry for her and disgusted with all the vultures in the media making a buck over this. You are and always will be my favorite publisher. They should take a page from your book. Very classy.

Lynne Duquette April 1, 2010

Thank you on behalf of civilized, dignified people everywhere.

Vivian McInernu April 1, 2010

Absolutely! My heart goes out to Sandra B. as if divorce isn’t hard enough. More thoughts on the sadness of celebrity.

Lisa A Dickson April 1, 2010

Very well said. celebrity’s are people too and should be aloud privacy.

Deborah April 1, 2010

Thank you for saying what I’m sure normal dignified people are thinking. Her life is not a train wreck to gawk at.

Doris Temme April 1, 2010

II agree and it needed to be said. Thank you for publishing your article..

On Twitter, I have not forwarded any tweets regarding this fiasco. When I saw, the video of paps yesterday, I wrote back saying it was: Rude, Nasty, & Mean. I said a bit more but since I can’t quote it right now….the basic gist was to stop the insanity.

There should be a law in every country that protects “famous people!!”

Your article was fantastic! Bravo!!!

Susan Theobald April 1, 2010

I fully agree! If more journalists were out there reporting on the things that REALLY matter, like government corruption and the way corporate crime is helping to rape and torture innocent people in countries around the globe, more people would have something useful to think about. Only the very lowest inclinations of ignorant voyeurs are fed by the papparazzi!!! I applaud your stand! Well done!

Tim April 2, 2010

As someone who did a summertime internship three years ago at my school’s radio station, I have decided that I will not read these mags or watch these programs anymore. Report the news, don’t be the news.

Gerry Hanan April 2, 2010

I agree, sadly, dignity gets lost in the shuffle of the life of the rich and famous when there is money to be made by recording any moment of their life and serving it to the all too hungry consuming public.

Alle Segretti April 2, 2010

Rock it! How on the mark! I haven’t seen the offending images, but can only imagine what they are like hving seen Kirstie Alley abused for years. I sometimes wonder how the talent handles the nonsense and fake stories that are published.

I guess I’m lucky, I’ve not had a bad story, or anything hurtful published, yet. But wow, does shit serve as a warning.

Real Journalism is hard to find these days. Its mostly cut and paste, steal a by line and hope no one notices te spelling and grammer errors.

I guess I’m lucky with few pap friends I have.

M Ginder April 2, 2010

I’m impressed with the ethics and morals I read here. Rock on!

Pedro Romano April 2, 2010

I fully agree with your open letter and this behaviour from that “community of media” is just the perfect example of a culture that loves to build up their “heroes/celebs” just so they can watch them fall.
We as a society simply have to put a stop and not buy the publications that perpetuate this kind of morbid curiosity and invasion of personal private life of people that just happen to be famous!
I applaud your stand!

Bill M April 2, 2010

I completely agree with your letter. These paparazzi fiends are naught but a carbuncle on the posterior of “celebrity.” As you said, stop paying them; they go away. I’ve been through what Ms. Bullock is going through and I can tell you her whole world is currently upside down. To hunt her down like a pack of wild coyotes is deplorable. Thanks for this letter. I pray it spreads like wildfire!

Nancy Skinner April 2, 2010

Very well said and I couldn’t agree more. I feel so bad for Ms Bullock. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’m Retweeting this to everybody I know.

Lee April 2, 2010

Great letter! This is just my opinion but there should also been a letter written like this about how the media has been and is currently treating the Jackson family!! The media has been so disrespectful and cruel to the Jackson family!

Julie Anne Burton April 2, 2010

Thank you for writing this. I’m passing it on.

When did we become a nation which cares more about hounding movie stars than about the conduct of our national policy?

Doris Nelson April 2, 2010

This is great I hope to see more of this

brian April 2, 2010

Where does people. Tmz etc. get the money to pay for these photos? From the vile general public whose appetite for all things celebrity is unending. Blame the mouth-breathing heathens who buy this crap and not the media outlets simply shoving the shit that Americans can’t get enough of.

Lisa April 2, 2010

Finally, someone is ethical enough to stand up to the celebrity crazed media! Thank you! I have been appalled at the treatment that the Jackson family, Marie Osmond and Sandra Bullock have all been given from the media during such difficult times in their lives. You are brave to speak out and I applaud your honesty.

SandyA April 2, 2010

If you have a sickness that leads you to crave stories about current celebs or tragedies then you’re part of the problem. (Brians comment) But the media started feeding the frenzy & paying for people to get the photos for them.No matter what physical or mental cost. It’s not the public’s responsibility, but the media’s responsibility to stop the hurt. Ah, but the almighty dollar speaks loudly. Dollar comes before Respect only on the dictionary.

Sam April 2, 2010

The blame not only rests with the media that pays the stalkerazzi, but the consumers that watch or purchase the product. Get people to write sponsors of Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, TMZ, E!, Us, People, Inside Edition, and all the rest. The cold fact is the mighty dollar rules, and morality and compassion are dead in the corporate world. Until people stop watching, stop buying and telling sponsors, “We will not buy your products until you pull your sponsorship,” nothing will change. (Think Princess Diana, the problem is now even worse.)

Jes Alexander April 2, 2010

Our rule here at the Herald de Paris: When faced with paparazzi … whip out your mobile phone and take THEIR photo. We’ll gladly publish THEIR faces on our pages without release or permission.

As Ben Affleck’s character said in, PEARL HARBOR, “It’s not as much fun when someone’s shooting back at you, is it?”

Jes Alexander, Publisher
Herald de Paris et Cie.

Brenda Mantz April 2, 2010

Hooray for Jes Alexander my favorite human dynamo – one of my favorite humans period. Jes “does” while others just talk.

Ronaldo Scheer April 2, 2010

The lenses of cameras indecent, should have a device that: when they were used to take the peace of an important person or not, stopped working. : (

Alle Segretti June 13, 2010

Well so much for my absence from the tabloid media. An article, totally fabricated, was published recently and within hours was across the internet and world.

No only was my age wrong, but it referred to my children, and all kinds of things that just aren’t true. It’s caused terrible damage to me the last few weeks. And sure it will eventually fade and become part of the long forgotten noise.

But in the mean time, it’s affecting me on a daily basis financially, and professionally. Irresponsible journalism for sensationalism that affects families and children is just not on.

What bugs me most is a GREAT article was written about me and my career and it didn’t even go past the regional press. What is a positive good story not good enough? It needs to be gutter trash, making out horrible things about my children and their existance and try and describe me as something I’m not.

I’m all for shutting down and stamping out the gutter trash. Lets do it.

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