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    • Mystery Science Theater 3000 Breaks Kickstarter Record

      Not only is Mystery Science Theater 3000 coming back, but it’s Kickstarter campaign proves it still very much has an audience. Go to Source

    • Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer Is Epic, Thrilling And Awesome, Watch It Now

      The aliens are back… and they looked super pissed. Twenty years after the citizens of Earth foiled the plans of an invading extraterrestrial force, a new battalion of conquering beings are coming back for revenge in Independence Day: Resurgence. Go to Source

    • Check Out Yakuza 6’s First Gameplay Footage

      Sega may have lost a lot of respect from gamers when it comes to their Sonic outings, but they’ve gained a whole new following with their high-quality Yakuza titles. The latest game in the series is Yakuza 6, which is due for release for the PS4 in 2016. Go to Source

    • FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA TRAVELING FOR GOOD, IN AID OF SYRIAN REFUGEES MRS. OBAMA (Photo ©2015 Anna Wilding, Carpe Diem FIlms, LLC., and Herald de Paris)

      WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) — The First Lady, Michelle Obama, a week after joining forces with First Lady Kalsoom Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan on Mrs. Obama’s, “Let Girls Learn,” initiative, has now announced an upcoming trip to Qatar and Jordan, to show American support for Syria, and for Qatar and Jordan’s large intake of Syrian refugees.
      The US is a world leader in funding support for Jordan’s Syrian refugees. Other countries stepping up in the Syrian effort have included UK, EU, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other local leaders in the Middle East. According to Susan Markham, the USAID Senior Coordinator for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, USAID invested $458 million across Jordan’s education sector between 2002-2014. Specifically in the last five years, USAID has constructed 28 new schools, rehabilitated 65 existing schools, and renovated 550 kindergarten classrooms.

    • VIDEO: Ed Sheeran returns home for special award

      Singer Ed Sheeran has returned to his home county to receive an honorary degree for his “outstanding contribution to music”. Read more

    • VIDEO: Football’s worst ever stretcher carriers?

      An injured footballer in Greece is given some rough treatment by two stretcher carriers during a game. Read more

    • Royals to welcome Chinese leader to UK

      China’s President Xi Jinping will give a speech to British politicians attend a special banquet with the Queen, on the first full day of his state visit to the UK. Read more

    • VIDEO: What happens to migrants in Germany?

      Over the past few months, thousands of migrants and refugees have been travelling to Europe. Leah’s travelled to Germany to find out what happens when they get there. Read more