Mega Media Pastor Ron Carpenter comes to Silicon Valley

By Dr. Alan Carlos Hernandez on July 26, 2018

By Dr. Alan Carlos Hernandez
SAN FRANCISCO (Herald de Paris) —  Ron Carpenter, senior pastor of Redemption World Outreach Center in Greenville, South Carolina, is recognized worldwide as a leader of leaders. As both a senior pastor and an entrepreneur, Ron’s relentless passion for developing potential in others permeates his organization. After graduation from Emmanuel College, Ron and his wife, Hope, founded their church in 1991 with three members and a passion for breaking down walls of racism, crossing cultural lines, and changing poverty mindsets.

Today the congregation numbers over 16,000 and the ministry of the church includes 150 community outreaches, television and web programming, and a worldwide network of over 1,500 affiliated churches, Ministers and leaders.

To keep a forward momentum in Kingdom teaching, Ron Carpenter Ministries seeks to use media outlets to share this gift while providing the opportunity for viewers to become active partners and members. Ron Carpenter has been gifted with the ability to create an atmosphere where people of all walks of life, race, and denomination can touch heaven with a multi-cultural sound that is Kingdom.

It is the vision and goal of Ron Carpenter Ministries to advance Kingdom teaching and principles in a global effort to reach the unsaved, restore the lost, and infiltrate local communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Technology is ever changing and growing and has allowed the impactful opportunity to share the gift God has placed on Ron Carpenter; a unique message and people.

Recognized as a leader of leaders, Ron has advised, consulted, and mentored CEOs, Pastors, and political leaders around the world for two decades

Megachurch Pastor Ron Carpenter is stepping down from Redemption of Greenville and moving his ministry to California.

Carpenter said in a video message;

“Would our life and our skills and our talent and our energy, if it was set in another place, would it yield something greater for the kingdom?” “… It was about that same time that we began to ask ourselves these questions that an opportunity by a wonderful man, 73-years-old, who has a church in Northern California began to say, ‘I really want you to pray about being my successor at this church.’ And he began to tell me about how Northern California had never been unlocked.”

Carpenter said they will be moving their ministries to the West Coast in May 2018. Carpenter will be taking over Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, California. Dick Bernal founded the Jubilee Center more than 30 years ago and is now retiring.

On Christmas, after delivering a timely message about change and growth, Pastor Dick made his official announcement about his retirement and most importantly who will be replacing him!

Satellite Redemption campuses in Florence and Asheville will be closing soon and a satellite campus in Charlotte will continue but will be separate from the Redemption group, which had seven locations, including a branch in Puerto Rico as well as an online campus.

Now, the Carpenters say after some convincing and a lot of prayers, he and his wife Pastor Hope Carpenter, also co-founder of the church, are leaving Greenville for San Jose, CA.

“I said we’re not going to California, we’re South Carolinians,” Pastor Hope Carpenter said. “But, I just began to think, you know- wow, what could we take to Northern California? We could take Jesus, we could take the good news of the gospel.”

They say they’re not leaving under bad circumstances but are headed to a new assignment.

“We’re literally walking away form a ministry after the best statistical year we have ever had in history,” Pastor Ron Carpenter said.

They’re leaving the church to Pastor John Gray. He’s a pastor with Joel Osteen’s ministry and has a reality TV show on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) about the ministry and his family.

Gray will rename the Church Relentless.

“John Gray is a good man. We know him personally,” Pastor Hope Carpenter said. “My hope for him and what we’re leaving him is a healthy body of believers who love Jesus.”

The Carpenters say they’re proud of the work they’ve done in Greenville. They were also asked if there were any regrets.

“Anytime you ever feel like you let anybody down, of course that just makes you feel awful- especially when you claim to be their leader,” Pastor Ron Carpenter said. “Anything we’ve ever done- our failures we’ve had, disappointed anybody, of course we wish we could have a little do over. But, we hope when people look back on our time here, we hope we did more right than we did wrong.”

“God didn’t give you favor to flaunt it. he gave it to you to use it”.

“More than 8 out of 10 of the unchurched said they would come to church if invited”.

Herald de Paris Senior Editor Dr. Al Carlos Hernandez, was honored to have an intimate conversation with a true man of genuine faith and conviction.

AC: Did you come from an Evangelical family, what kind of Childhood, a saintly kid?

RC: I’m a PK (Pastors Kid) were grew up in a very strict, legalistic traditional home, a very Happy life yet we were very poor. We never owned a home, or a car, it was always a struggle to make it. Church attendance especially in the deep south was part of our tradition and lifestyle.

I was an athlete in High School and played Basketball and when I was accepted to Emmanuel College once there realized it was a Christian College and thought, here we go again…

AC: When did you actualize that God was real for you, how did that color your World view and career choices?

RC: One evening, I was at a Revival in a North Georgia Church and I was Converted. By Converted I mean, I the age of 18 I left everything behind, handed in my Basketball. I graduated on a Thursday, got married on a Saturday started my first Church on Sunday.

AC: What was the first Church like?

RC: I found a broke down old abandoned warehouse, I had 12 families who gave me Fifty dollars a month to keep it going. I would knock on hundreds of door block by block if someone would give me a name of someone on a napkin I would immediately follow up.

My wife and I would agree over every meal, everything we needed to live was borrowed, it was a hand to mouth existence and God proved faithful every time and he still is…

AC: Tell us about the early years of your Church, how hard is it to be a young Pastor, what kind of opposition, what kind of people did you want to reach?

RC: The mission our goal was to preach and teach the Gospel to those who were hungry for truth without the constriction of Denominational traditions. You see in the deep south Church are steeped in tradition and segregated by race. The Church of The Lord Jesus Christ was not designed to be segregated at all.

AC: How and why did your Church grow so big so quickly, what did you and your team do to attract Church members from all walks of life? Any push back?

RC: North Carolina was the last state to accept Martin Luther King Day, there was tremendous push back from both traditional White and African American Churches. What we were doing was more like a New Testament Church, race was not an issue, the Love of Christ is the only thing that mattered. We started a new culture where people of every race and class could worship together for The Glory of God.

It took Eight years of daily, sometimes hourly struggle, but in 1999 everything broke loose, we went from hundreds to thousands almost overnight. We had no social media, no Public Relations consultants it just took off. A sovereign move of The Living God…

AC: What make you such an effective Preacher and leader given you ability to Shepard such a vibrant and effective ministry?

RC: I am just a very flawed man who loves Jesus with my entire being. My most viewed You Tube Clip was when I say on the side of the stage and poured my heart out. I said, many of you are dropping your kids off to college this week, I just returned from dropping our Son off at Rehab, he as a serious drug problem, and I just talked about me heart being broken and how The Lord was helping me though the pain and struggle.

My wife and I were separated for one year, I preached about it, the congregation walked with me though the restoration process, they see through my life example, that God works, and the Love of Jesus is real.

I believe this transparency resonates with people in the very trying times. My wife and I now do very effective Marriage Seminars helping people put this lives and relationships back together.

AC: What is your opinion of Mega Churches? Some term the enterprise as Christian Entertainment with little intimate and ongoing Spiritual value, as contrasted to small local congregations?

RC: I think some of the Mega Churches have a message that is incomplete. I know most of the Pastors, sometimes what they do is “Christian entertainment” It seems that it would be best for the Christian Culture and the love of Jesus to effect modern culture, rather than the secular culture to affect the Christian Church.

Jesus was a counter culturalist, he came to teach a new way of living, He came to give life of abundance and meaning, this is what the culture needs to hear, not plays, not smoke and lights, only the true and unadulterated Word of God can change a life for eternity.

This is what we try to do.

AC: You have been successful in preaching an old-fashioned fire and brimstone type message, almost a Radical Fundamentalism without the legalism why is that starting to catch fire around the world in what was once known as “Revival?”

RC: We are aiming to fill the empty places in people’s souls. We live in lonely and troublesome times, people are looking for truth solace wisdom and meaning in life, we deliver a traditional Historical Christian message though the modern means that’s available to us. The message is the same, the method of the delivery sometimes must change with the times.

AC: Tell us where your satellite churches are and how did the Church networking come about?

RC: The idea was to bring the Church to those who could not attend, we have a virtual Church whereby people can hear messages, talk to counselors all in real time. They sign up and are an actual part of a thriving congregation. Virtual Church should not ever take the place of actual local church attendance, it is an accommodation and convenience. What is also true is that some people think it easier to turn on the computer and watch a Church service without the process of going somewhere to be around other people. We know that this can affect Church attendance, it is not our intent to supersede the Church experience. The Bible says do not forsake the gathering of yourselves together.

We also have satellite Churches where our messages are broadcasted to other congregations in various cities, so this is a hybrid of tech and traditional Church service.

The constant is the true is the delivery of unadulterated word and Worship of God.

AC: You have been extremely successful in the South where Christianity is honored and revered, families have a tradition of Church attendance, why have you decided to move across country and move to Silicone valley in Northern California?

RC: I came to a point in life at 47 where I wondered what I should do with the rest of my days, should I continue the work in the South or should I take on a whole new Challenge. Now the Lord doesn’t really talk to me in an audio voice, but I did feel a stirring on my soul that I know to be true and reliable gauge that God is moving me in a certain direction.

I was asked by Pastor Dick Bernal of Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose California to consider coming over to San Jose California, Silicon Valley and take over as he was ready to retire after 30 years. Statistics show that Northern California is one of the worse places in the country to grow an Evangelical Church. The area is extremely liberal and the cost of living astronomical. Culturally, their favorite cars are Prius’ we favor large engine pickups and Four wheelers.

My wife and I prayed about it for a long time and decided that this is where The Lord is leading us, we will formally take over the first week in May.

We will leave the Church in North Carolina in the very competent hands to Joel Osteen associate John Gray III’s leadership. Carpenters Redemption Church will be renamed Relentless Church.

AC: In the south there us a conservative culture, in Northern California, larger Churches such as the one you are assuming have dinner dances, openly drink alcohol, have non-traditional living arrangements and gender bending affectations, how do you plan to accommodate that?

RC: My staff and I maintain a conservative lifestyle and I know how liberal things can be out there, I think is all comes from the leadership. We must model a certain lifestyle that brings glory and honor to the God we serve rather than conform to the more liberal lifestyle of those who uphold that culture and tradition. People of every race age and gender, must see spirit filled Christians who are quite distinguishable from those who have worldly lifestyles. It is our job to transform the culture to the love and honor the body of Christ rather than, Christians conforming to the popular secular values of the local community.

Our freedom in Christ by lifestyle, should not encourage anyone to fall away from The Faith.

AC: Do you expect any push back from Northern California parishioners?

RC: Well my wife and I last month, where in San Jose for 3 weeks, the first week we had about 1,900 people in attendance, the following week, 4,620.

AC: Do you anticipate any lifestyle changes given the severe economic climate on the coast?

RC: Well we have owned a home for 24 years, this is the first time My wife and I must rent an apartment. For some of my team will have to double or triple their salaries just to rent a place.

God is in this we look forward to Him getting all the Glory no matter the cost.

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