Los Angeles Jewish Symphony thrills audience in summer concert

By jes. on August 30, 2013

LOS ANGELES (Herald de Paris) —  On a warm summer’s evening in Cahuenga Pass, in the shadow of the Hollywood Bowl, the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony entertained a near capacity crowd with a lovely performance at the historic Ford’s Amphitheatre.  The show, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the LAJS at the venerable theatre, was titled, “Cultural Collaborations.”

The historic theatre, which was a popular playhouse during the silent film era, is a unique and special venue for the LA Jewish Symphony.  When the amphitheatre was rebuilt out of concrete after a devastating fire in 1929 destroyed the wooden original, the new and fireproof amphitheatre was designed in the style of ancient Judaic architecture, to resemble the gates of Jerusalem.  It is in this magical setting that LAJS Founder, Artistic Director, and Conductor, Dr. Noreen Green, her orchestra, and honoured guest performers entertained a well-engaged audience with an eclectic performances stemming from Russia, Argentina, Israel, and the U.S.

The evening began with the U.S. premiere of “Go Tango!” by Benjamin Yusupov, one of Israel’s most renowned composers and pianists, and featured a dance performance by Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo, one of the top tango couples in the world.  Symphony patrons were next treated to a stellar narrative performance by the respected actor, Theodore Bikel.  Mr. Bikel’s spot-on narration brought  out the poignancy of the Symphonic Suite Reb Tevye, by Russian composer Eduard Fertelmeister.  Israeli violinist Kobi Malkin, winner of the 2013 LAJS Young Artist Competition, then dazzled all in attendance with the world premiere performance of “Violin Fantasy,” composed by legendary Yiddish theater songwriter, Sholom Secunda.  The evening ended with a modern dance interpretation of, “Israeli Country Dances Suite,” by composer Marc Lavry.

Dr. Green and her symphony orchestra moved through musical styles as the sun set on a memorable performance, on a breathtaking hillside.

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