London violence: "needless opportunistic theft"

By Wire News Sources on August 8, 2011

More than 100 people have been arrested after looting and violence broke out in a number of boroughs of north, east and south London on Sunday night.

Speaking on Monday, Mr Clegg said the Government stood side by side with the victims in “utterly condemning” the rioting and looting.

He also said the violence was nothing to do with the death of Mr Duggan in Tottenham last week.

“It is completely unacceptable and the people who have suffered are those who have lost their businesses, shopkeepers who have lost their shops, families who have lost their homes and many people who felt very frightened in their own neighbourhoods.”

Home Secretary Theresa May said that those responsible for violence will be made to face the consequences of their actions.

The Deputy PM will later meet senior police officers to discuss the weekend’s violence.

Over the weekend, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson said the violence was “completely unacceptable”.

“There is no justification for the aggression the police and the public faced, or for the damage to property. There is now a police investigation into the rioting and we should let that process happen.”

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