• Locally Grown, Farm-to-Table News. Introducing the Herald de Paris Palm Beach Edition

    By James Sved on October 16, 2017

    PALM BEACH (Herald de Paris) —  More than 100 years ago, the New York Herald made a decision to be different.  They opened an office in Paris, and set out to be the most innovative newspaper on the planet.  Forget, for a moment, that the Paris Edition was born out of a fabulous New York society scandal, the decision turned out to be a brilliant one.  The Paris Edition was the first newspaper to fly the morning edition from Paris to London; they covered society – the original social media; they participated in great adventures to bring stories back to their readers.  The Paris Edition of the New York Herald, “Le New York,” as the locals called it, grew up to be one of the most respected newspapers ever created.  You may remember it as The International Herald-Tribune.

    When the New York Times extinguished the torch of the venerable IHT we were there, and for the last decade we have picked up that torch as the innovators in the international digital print media.  In that decade we were the first newspaper to use Twitter as part of our daily coverage, which allowed us to beat the so-called “Big Five” to stories by as much as three hours; We took a, “Miracle on 34th Street,” approach to news – if someone else covered it better than we did, we’ll share their story to make sure our readers have the latest, most accurate information; We exposed the bogus practice of page clicks meaning success, found the click farms, and never make our readers click more than a single button to read an entire story; We won’t use a pay wall, make you download an app, or mine, process, or re-sell your information.  It wouldn’t be right.  We publish the news In The Public Trust, and the public can’t trust a news organization that is data mining your personal information.

    Our approach has won us digital new media awards, and won us the reputation of trust, news integrity, and a level of writing so high it has been compared to The New Yorker magazine.  We’re proud of what we do, and we love how to do it, but the rest of the news media has begin to catch up, emulated our approach, and so it’s time to innovate again.

    We’ve succeeded on the global playing field with world class writers, investigative pieces, and interviews.  Today we introduce our locally grown, farm-to-table fresh Herald de Paris Palm Beach Edition.  It’s the same great news source in a locally sustainable package.  Because we won’t use preservatives, we promise The Palm Beaches that our news will never go stale.

    Our team is working feverishly to make modifications to deliver the locally grown, farm-to-table fresh Herald de Paris Palm Beach Edition on a single, dedicated link.  Until then, you’ll find our Palm Beach stories carrying the “Palm Beach Edition” logo at http://heralddeparis.com, on Twitter @HeralddeParis, and on all the usual social channels.  We’re excited to point our opera glasses at Palm Beach and look forward to bringing our world-class integrity to you in a sustainable, farm fresh new approach.

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