By Murray Chass on September 25, 2017

    This could fall under the category of “with friends like him, who needs enemies.” But Lew Wolff flatly rejects that suggestion.

    For a dozen years, until last November, Wolff was the managing partner of the Oakland Athletics. In that position, he tried tirelessly to engineer the move of the Athletics from Oakland in the East Bay, where they are losing fans and money, to San Jose in the South Bay, where they could very likely have flourished financially and with a new fan base.

    Wolff, however, never got the go-ahead from Commissioner Bud Selig, who was Wolff’s fraternity brother in college and had lured Wolff into baseball ownership. That’s where the friends-and-enemies idea comes in.

    To move to San Jose, Wolff would have needed Selig to sell the other owners on why a move would have benefitted everybody, which it would have. Selig, however never said anything. In one of his most monumental silences, he said simply …

    Murray Chass

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