• Kalon Skincare debuts new ecological skincare cream

    By Herald de Paris Contributor's Bureau on September 29, 2017

    NEW YORK (Herald de Paris) —  In October 2017, New Zealand American brand Kalon Skincare launches the new advanced formula of its popular and #1 selling moisturizing lotion Vitality Cream Mask and Moisturizer.  Founder Anna Wilding started a billion dollar industry when she launched and exported the first beautiful pure bee venom cream mask and moisturizer from New Zealand, in 2012.

    Fans and celebrities alike clamored for the unique hard to get cream and so too did hundreds of copycat companies, imitators with inferior products, many out of Asia, and elsewhere.

    Ms. Wilding takes pride in no bees being harmed in the making of her products, an idea many of the intimating brands do not follow. Ms. Wilding said, “It’s quite shocking to see how rampantly companies plagiarize, or advertise misleading statements about the source of their bee venom and packaging. I know one brand who adds gold leaf to their cream, sells it for $1000 a jar, and yet they were not using real bee venom, only the residual venom that is found in all honey. When they were queried about that they went to using venom from hives in factories where bees are squashed to collect their venom. It’s just greed,” she continued.  “I was the first to create, make, design and export a luxury cream of international standard. We manufacture in an organic certified factory, and I only use hand sourced bee venom where no bees are harmed and also now, the highest grades of Manuka honey and Mamaku fern.”

    Ms. Wilding added that her new formula is designed to be complicated, complex with added benefits, in-part to keep imitators out of the market. “I’ve elevated Kalon Skincare even further with new advancements available in ecological skincare. I would like to say you get what you pay for but some of these imitators just charge whatever they want for very inferior products. I still want to be fair and considerate to my buyers, in spite of my costs now being elevated significantly.”

    Celebrities and health advocates around the world have turned to the highly effective properties of the natural compound as an alternative to injectable filler. In 2012, Anna’s Pocket Bee Venom Vitality Cream Mask, Kalon’s original formula, was named as the hottest new skincare product on Amazon, and hailed as one of the top 15 moisturizers in the world, alongside products by established commercial skincare manufacturers such as Lancôme, L’Oréal, and Philosophy, to name but a few. Kalon Skincare is intended to ease fine lines and wrinkles, but also gets incredible feedback from those with problem skin, and for those who wish to tone and even out blemishes on their skin. Men enjoy the Kalon brand as well, using it is a lotion known to be great for razor burn and help heal small nicks caused by shaving.  Kalon Skincare has a brightening effect, and is, considered a perfect facial, “Pick-me-up,” before a special event.

    Kalon Skincare is available in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada. Kalon Skincare is currently running special discount code for their users, to introduce this new and enhanced formula.

    Apply the code: TEAMKALON at http://kalonskincare.com

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