By Murray Chass on May 8, 2017

    Does anyone here remember Dino Restelli? Does anyone even know the name Dino Restelli?

    I know that one, maybe two regular readers of this site remember Restelli and what he did, but otherwise I doubt that very many people recall the phenom who flashed through our young lives and burned up in space.

    Nearly 70 years ago, Dino Paolo Restelli was Aaron Judge before Aaron Judge was Aaron Judge.

    Son of immigrant Italian parents, Restelli was born in St. Louis in 1924, eight months before Yogi Berra and 17 months before Joe Garagiola were born there.

    Berra and Garagiola grew up to have their own fame and success, but what Restelli did was unique. Restelli, whose family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when he was 12 years old, stunned the baseball world in 1949 by …

    Murray Chass

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