• Johnny Rock Page, Superbike racing Superstar

    By Dr. Alan Carlos Hernandez on March 22, 2010

    HOLLYWOOD (Herald de Paris) – Johnny Rock Page, is an enigma, a classic American success story, a born adventurer, a cello player and a business innovator.   He went from motorcycle racer to millionaire back to motorcycle racer, now reality TV star.

    Page had youthful plans to launch his racing career, but did not have the financial means to fund his racing dreams, so he took a more traditional road well traveled following his other passion, business, and became a millionaire.

    He realized that necessity is often the mother of invention and in retrospect he realizes that if he was not so abruptly forced to give up his racing dreams, he would have never been able to become an entrepreneur, and create one of the most successful ATM companies in the nation today.

    Page is now back on track pursuing his Superbike dreams, trying to make the grid. Johnny calls it “unfinished business,” and twenty years later he wants to see how fast he can become at the highest level offered in the USA today…the Superbike class.

    Johnny said, “There are 1,000 reasons why I shouldn’t be racing! I’ve dealt with several of them such as: Too old, already financially successful, kids, great house, amazing lifestyle, dream cars, can’t buy the dream of being a full-time Superbike Racer; it’s where I belong during this chapter of my life. I’m all in…”

    The 2007 Race Season was Johnny’s best race season to date! Johnny advanced more than ever in both Super stock and Superbike classes, and became double national champion at the 2007 “Nationals” Race of Champions” at Daytona International Raceway, winning in the rain, clearly surpassing the moment he won in that race in 1990 and 17 years younger.

    Johnny never rests on his laurels his latest endeavor includes his own reality show, which is currently in production, his own clothing line for men.

    Herald De Paris West Coast Editor USA, Al Carlos Hernandez, a hard core motorcyclist in his own right, had a chance to talk with Johnny Rock, surreptitiously reminding Rock that his cycling Credo was nurtured in Oakland USA is,  Ride it like you stole it.

    What was it in your childhood that inspired you to be different and want to be a successful business man?

    I moved in with my Dad when I was 11 years old.  I asked my Dad for money for a movie, he said NO go make it.  I said how Dad?  Dad says, I’ll match whatever you earn and save.  I said, “Dad can I borrow $200 bucks to start my idea?” Dad said yes.  Within two weeks, I paid Dad back the $200 bucks and mowed half the neighborhoods lawns, and detailed tons of cars, and within two weeks my Dad had to give me $1,000 to match it which he soon stopped.  At 14 I did a land investment for $5,000 and paid cash for my first car…The rest was history…

    Seems incongruent but you play the Cello? Are you good at it? Still play?

    I love the sound of the Cello, its music to my ear.  About 5 years ago I had a lot of extra time and income so I started to think of things I could do.  I remember playing in 5th grade, but I got kicked out of class for being a spaz.  Finally I just went and bought a 1987 Pfab Cello and practiced a lot, especially when I was on Adderal.  I’m self taught.  I write all my own music and I practice often. It’s my intimate moment with myself aside from racing.

    After you made millions at a young age doing ATM’s, what promoted you to tempt fate and become a pro motorcycle racer? How did your wife/kids feel about this?

    I built my ATM business for one reason, and that was to go racing some day on my own terms.  I was very good as a amateur, but ran out of money at 21.  It’s expensive.  Even though I won Nationals at Daytona as a novice I couldn’t afford to race long enough as an expert to get picked up by a Factory team.  I was broke.  I teach my kids, that it’s more important to go after your dreams in life, if you have a dream and you don’t go after them, as far as I’m concerned you’re not living anyhow.  Life goes by so fast, it’s important to follow your dreams.  I’m very blessed that my ATM business continues to be successful today.  It’s taken a hit with the economy but we are surviving, and thankful.

    A lot is said about your lavish lifestyle, you live and have the persona of a Rock star, yet you are  a family man with  kids,. Are you tempting fate because you already have fortune and now it’s time for fame?

    All I did was go after the top level Pro Superbike grid chasing the dream.  I then found an opportunity to build a TV reality show on my way to the top PRO Superbike race platform in America.  I decided to try to help the road racing industry out and offer a fun TV product packed with “real” drama.  I filmed for two seasons, and when the reality show was finished, at the end it was sadly the end of my marriage also.  Too much partying, too much Ego, too much of too much took its toll.  Today the show continues on, but it’s Dad with his three girls, a new house on Camelback Mountain, and Dad looking for love all over again.  The best thing that happened is I found God, that’s pretty cool.  It was tough losing my wife, but I hope we both find love again.  As far as fame goes, it’s a funny thing; I don’t feel famous, although I’ve got a ton of fans.  I look at the fame platform as an opportunity to teach people to “Dream Big, Anything is Possible” It’s a great way to use that platform to give back, that’s what my bracelets say that I give out for free along with posters.  I love to motivate people; life is not easy we all need to help one another where we can.

    What do you tell people who feel that motorcycles are dangerous, and those who ride have a death wish? What do you tell mothers whose sons want to be the next Johnny Rock Page?

    If someone wants to become a PRO Superbike racer, try to talk them out of it.  If they insist on it, tell them to do it.  We all have different dreams, they are all good, and some are just dangerous.  I honestly realize that I could die, however what a way to go

    What exactly is super bike racing  and what does it entail? How big is the sport worldwide?

    What have been some of you greatest moments? Superbike racing in America is the fastest road racing motorcycles on the track We drag our knees with plastic pucks at the tips of our knee.  They are all 1000 CC Superbikes, or crotch rockets.  They are basically a motor in between your legs with some wheels, handle bars and shocks…MOTO GP is worldwide.  When Moto GP and AMA PRO Superbike racing meet each year at Laguna Seca this year on July 25th, we expect 150,000 people.  The sport will blow up huge in the USA now that it’s under great new leadership and Daytona Motorsports Group owns it.  Same owners as NASCAR.  It’s really one of the most exciting sports to watch live.  Its man VS machine and it’s not nice when we crash.  It truly feels Crazy to be a Superbike racer, especially when I watch on TV what I do.  Winning Daytona during Nationals as an expert / pro in 2007 twice with my entire family there was incredible.  They finally got to see some success after so much heart ache.  Chasing the dream finally made sense to them.  Also making the unexpected top level AMA-PRO Superbike gird back in 2007 when Ben Spies and Matt Mladin were setting the poles.  Anyone who knows those two racers will respect that.

    There was some controversy in ’09. You were disqualified by the AMA indefinitely. How did that happen, and what is the current status?

    Yes I was at the end of 2009.  I lost almost all my sponsors because I thought my race career was in the toilet, however new management and the new staff wanted me back for 2010 and I’m happy to be back.  It was that simple.  The new management is truly a neat group of quality people who care about people first.  They are always part of the solution now.  You’re going to see AMA-PRO Superbike racing blow up, especially as the economy recovers.

    There are street bikes like the Z14 Kawasaki and the Hayabusa that can pretty much go 200 mph off the show room floor. W are your thoughts about that? How do you feel about the whole Chopper thing and the Harley Davidson culture?

    I truly appreciate any motorcycle on two wheels. We all have a comraderie towards one another no matter what brand of bike. I waive at all bikes on two wheels when I ride on the street.  200MPH is cool, but doing it with a knee down in a corner, drifting sideways is an entirely different way of life

    Tell me about  the concept of your reality show. How did you prepare the family for this invasive undertaking?

    The concept of the show is about a 40 year old man going after his childhood Superbike dreams to see if he can qualify for the grid before age takes its toll on him. The main character, me has to walk away from his flourishing ATM business, hand over control and takes his entire hot wife, 4 kids, and gay assistant with them in the tour bus and airports as they go racing and catch the Hollywood mainstream lifestyle as well.  I sat down with the entire family and told them why I wanted to do the show, and how it could Superbike racing get known in America.  There was also opportunity for all of us all on different levels as our personal talents could shape. Like Madison and Alexa turn into amazing singers and writers of their own music.  The #1 rule is, the cameras ONLY turn off if there is someone naked.  We’ve captured so much drama; it’s crazy, real stuff nothing made up.  Sometimes exaggerated but all real.  I’m like Howard Stern in that way, it’s got to be real or I’m out…

    Do you have any plans to become a regular series on traditional cable and networks? What have been some of the positive and negatives about this production?

    The negative about doing this production, was that at the end of it, my wife LaDena Page and I broke up, that took its toll on my heart, and ability to function.  I went from being the most motivated person in the world to lifeless, full of tears, sorrow, sadness, fear and anger.  Her leaving the nest I never expected.  I never quit at anything so her quitting made me not recognize her.  I’ve always known that in order to succeed you have to grind things out, even when you can’t find love.  It’s never convenient but the positive is that I’ve got a great show, now it’s just a matter of showing the Demo and getting offers.  You should see the DEMO it’s insane.  You would think you’re going to watch a feature film in the box office, it’s that hot… I hope to get the courage to release it.  Any leads, send them to johnnyrockpage@aol.com to me  I just need some help getting motivated, now I need some mo jo  Thanks for the help…

    You do motivational speaking. What kinds of things to you tell people to inspire them? What inspires you?

    I offer my time for free, I teach to live fearless and chase your dreams, treat others good, a lot of positive things, and most importantly they get to learn from someone who has achieved at some things in life.  I feel qualified to pass on some of those secrets that I’ve learned and put in the treasure chest to be passed on to those who want to learn.  It’s all about inspiring people; it’s one of my favorite things to do.  I offer my time for free, and book out as much as I can.  E-mail me if you know of where I can be used to johnnyrockpage@aol.com or go to my face book page.

    Tell us about your clothing line. What kinds of things are you producing? Who designs them and what makes your brand different?

    My clothing line is called the Guardian Angel collection, offered by Johnny Rock Page.  My logo is of my daughters as Angles, they are my biggest inspiration. My daughters represent my heart and my motivation to be better at all things.  I also have my slogan “Dream Big, Anything is Possible” in the label. I’m also excited about my #269 Sunglass line…They are KOOL

    What are your personal goals right now? What is your ten year plan?

    My personal goals are to be more involved in my kid’s goals and dreams, grow closer to God, and become a more loving caring person.  Ten years out, I can’t see that far.

    What is your “Bucket List” of things that you want to do before it’s a wrap?

    Bucket, hmmm aside from traveling I want to find love again, I miss being loved by someone I love.  It’s tough dating as a Dad with three girls.  I want beautiful, quality, intellect, and some type of spiritual connection.  Is that too picky? I’m one of those guys that once I have the girl, I feel like I can do anything.  This next time I just have to make sure my next wife or life partner doesn’t lose her identity. I’ve never had that, so that would be a great bucket thing to get before its’ a wrap.

    What would you like your legacy to be? How do you want American history to remember you?

    I don’t care about that stuff, as long as God thinks I’ve done a good job, what else matters?  Time folds so fast, it’s all a big bunch of boloney to be a legacy.  I mean in a 1000 years does anyone truly care how many basketball shots MJ made or how many races Valentino Rossi won, or how many “Dream Big, bracelets Johnny Rock Page handed out?  A lot of people might argue it, but the Sun goes up and the Sun goes down, it’s just another day under the Sun…    .

    Go to www.johnnyrockpage.com to catch a sneak peak at my reality TV show.

    Johnny wants kids to remember; Never give up on your Dreams, Never Never, Never… “Dream Big, Anything is Possible” Johnny Rock Page #269 AMA-PRO Superbike racing.

    After talking to Johnny my credo may change to…Ride it like you earned it.

    Darren Duran October 5, 2014

    I met you at City Hall in Scottsdale last night and I enjoyed our conversation. Your passion for life and love for Paris was truly inspiring. I could relate to many of the ways you once were and you gave me hope that people can really change. All my life I have been putting my dreams on hold, but for what ????
    I wanted to see if you had some time to get together for lunch, dinner or coffee and I could get your advise on my next steps in life. I think you would be the perfect person to point me in the right direction. I know you will reach all of your dream.

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