• INTERVIEW: Doctor Evils Wife, Mindy Sterling

    By Dr. Alan Carlos Hernandez on January 3, 2018

    HOLLYWOOD (Herald de Paris) —  Mindy Sterling was raised in the sunny beaches of Miami. Her father was a singer/comedian her mother was a dancer. She ran with that and came to Los Angeles where she got involved in improv with The Groundlings.

    Best known for her portrayal of Frau Farbissina in the Austin Powers trilogy, Mindy continues her working at the Groundlings as an instructor, director and improviser.

    For the first time in History she was nominated for 2 Emmy awards for the same character. “Bad or good or indifferent, I don’t know, it’s just kind of a crazy, cool thing,” the actress says about receiving two nominations this year. She was nominated for best actress in a short form comedy or drama series for her roles in Con Man and Secs and Execs, respectively.

    Some of her film credits include Mars Needs Moms, where she was a part of the motion capture process. Also Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Reno 911 The Movie.

    She plays Principle Slidmore on Disney’s Ant Farm and as appeared in Desperate Housewives, 2 Broke Girls, I Carly, The League, Curb Your Enthusiasm, my name is Earl.

    She is the voice of Beifong in Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra as well as many other animated series.

    Some of her film credits include Mars Needs Moms, where she was a part of the motion capture process. Also Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Reno 911 The Movie.

    She plays Principle Slidmore on Disneys Ant Farm and as appeared in Desperate Housewives, 2 Broke Girls, Icarly, The League, Curb Your EnthusiasmMy name Is Earl.

    She is the voice of Beifong in Nickolodeon’s The Legend of Korra as well as many other animated series.

    She began learning how to act when she was 13.

    Around 1973, Sterling landed a recurring role on the syndicated children’s series Dusty’s Treehouse. She later joined the renowned L.A.-based comedy troupe The Groundlings.

    Despite having starred in numerous films in the 1980s and 1990s, it was her character Frau Farbissina, the diminutive and domineering Germanic cohort of Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, that brought Sterling high praise for her work in films. In 1999, following the success of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Sterling appeared in Drop Dead Gorgeous (also 1999), and later reprised the character in Austin Powers in Goldmember.

    She had a recurring role as bitter neighbor Mitzi Kinsky in Desperate Housewives. In 2013, she currently stars as Janice Nugent in the comedy series Legit. In 2018, she is due to appear in Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (TV Series)

    Herald de Paris Senior Editor Dr. AC had a recent conversation with Mindy

    MS: My mom and dad were divorced early on. My mom was very animated and when I was young worked in a Doctor’s office and then danced at night on Miami Beach. She was wonderful. My Dad played clubs and I would go and see him. He had the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. Deep baritone. Better than Robert Gullet. And he was funny and crazy and would make me laugh. I was shy but realized that I could be a character and I wouldn’t have to be myself. So, theater was so exciting for me.

    AC: How did an early foundation in the arts inform your work now?

    MS: I trained in theater at school. You get involved in it all. It becomes your family I did dinner theater where you are on the road and you take down the set when you are finished and move on to the next theater. It was like on tour, but it was the closest thing to that for me. I respect what people do. The crew, makeup, stage manager. It’s all so important to the process.

    AC: What advice did you Parents give you regarding pursuing the arts?

    MS: Let kids study in school. Get the theater education and let them participate in drama class.

    AC: I understand you began studying acting at the age of 13?

    MS: My dad thought I should study Shakespeare and that training would be good for me to be able to do anything.

    I hated it! I had this teacher come to my house on a Saturday. I didn’t do my homework and never prepared. It wasn’t my thing.

    AC: What was your first big break?

    MS: My big break was Austin Powers!

    Austin Powers opened many doors for me. People in the beginning wanted me to do the same character. It was a while before they saw me as other things.

    I met Mike Myers at The Groundlings when he was doing an improv show with us. Julia Sweeney from SNL brought him, and we just clicked.

    I auditioned for the director Jay Roach. I had to be okayed by New Line. Thank god, I was!

    The set was like a party. We all loved working together. Mike was funny and wanted you to be funny. He would improvise, and we would work around that. The days I could make Mike Myers break were the best days ever!!!!

    AC: Speaking of success, tell us about your Experiences with Desperate Housewives what was that like?

    MS: It was good. The men were warmer than the women.

    ACYou are a multi- talented performer, which platform do you prefer, Stage, Screen, TV voice over work, which challenges you the most?

    MS: All! Commercials, voice overs……I really love them all

    AC: Do you prefer comedy, drama, inventing new and complex characters?

    MS: Comedy is my thing. I love dark comedy, But I love drama too.

    AC: How is it that you can become completely different characters almost un recognizable from the last incarnation?

    MS: I’m a character actress. That is what we do. We become different people.

    AC: Recently, for the first time in Emmy History you were nominated twice for the same character, can you tell us what the parts were and how this all came about?

    MS: Con Man with Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion and Sec’s and Exec’s. Both very funny and on the web. When they approached me about nominating me and I couldn’t pick one over the other, so I just went with it. It was very exciting

    Right now, I am recurring on The Goldberg’s. I am in second season of Grace and Frankie. Second Season of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ in two episodes. Shot a Nobodies and Life in Pieces.

    I don’t want to stop. I would love to do a series where you have a place to work consistently. I just like doing it all!!!

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