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“Still a Gentleman” ©2015-2019 Anna Wilding – May not be used without permission

HOLLYWOOD —  On February, 17th, 2019 (in advance of President’s Day, February 18th), The Perfect Exposure Gallery in Los Angeles kicked off a solo exhibit featuring Anna Wilding’s CELEBRATE HOPE: The Obama White House Collection, in honor of Black History Month. An  elite group of guests made the trek to the Los Angeles San Gabriel gallery that included Pulitzer winning photographer Nick Ut, Donna Mills, Jeremy Miller, Adrienne Barbeau, Erin Murphy, Geri Jewell, Roslyn Kind, Kate Linder, Anson Williams, Donnell Turner, Christopher Showerman, Ro Brooks, Rico Anderson, Jax Malcolm, Alice Amter, Conner Dean,  Siaki, Samuel D Evans,  Darcy Donovan,  Isaiah Morgan, Sage Mayer, Alison Arngrim, Ilene Graff ,Ben Lanzarone and more.  It was a festive affair filled with live light jazz, new and old friends, an abundance of good will, and remembering the dignity of our last presidential administration. Visitors had plenty to say about the stunning photographs.  Due to demand and on going visitors, Anna Wilding is scheduling tour dates to additional locales around the US and abroad. Collectors are eyeing  the works on both coasts with one East Coast collector already having ordered several limited edition prints. The Catalogue can bee seen at http://www.theperfectexposuregallery.com/exhibit/obama-celebrate-hope/

“What a gem of an exhibit this is.  Anna Wilding’s candid images of Michelle and Barack Obama are truly memorable – Especially the image entitled ‘Flirting’.” – Adrienne Barbeau (Maude)

“A great evening and a very impressive show. The photos are beautiful and really reveal the people who are the Obamas. Made me very nostalgic.” – Ilene Graff (Mr Belvedere)

“The President Obama Celebrate Hope exhibit is a salute to the human spirit, an inspiration to be the best that you can be.” – Anson Williams (Happy Days and BoGoList.com Founder)

“I so enjoyed seeing the exclusive photographs of The People’s House at The Perfect Exposure Gallery. Anna (Wilding) has created an amazing collection. She makes you feel like you are viewing everything from the inside.”- Kate Linder (Y&R)

“An interesting, candid, insightful look into the day to day machinations of the White House & the First family”-Alice Amter (Big Bang Theory)

“Anna’s Obama Images make me think … I call it ‘OBAMA CLASSICISM” after the great masters … Raphael and Leonardo DaVinci.”—President’s Award Winner, Sherwood “Woody” Omens A.S.C.

“What an amazing evening with friends……celebrating the stunning photography of The Obama White House by acclaimed filmmaker and photographer Anna Wilding, She absolutely captured the energy of an era of class, dignity, hope and glory. A must see exhibit!!!” – Geri Jewell (Deadwood/Facts of Life)

“Please check out The President Obama Celebrate Hope exhibit. Anna (Wilding) is kindred spirit and her exquisite photography made me hunger for the Obama White House….the people’s house…. where intelligence, eloquence, integrity and knowledge flowed….and a family that symbolized the true values of our country at its best…with compassion, hope and kindness.  We really need to focus on the love and CELEBRATE HOPE if we are going to save the country.” – Roslyn Kind (Who has just released “Save The Country: Video Link: https://youtu.be/BOX2Xgdbeyc and CD BABY: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/roslynkind3)


The Obama White House Collection by Anna Wilding (http://www.annawilding.world) is the passionate result of award winning director, actress, and still photographer, Anna Wilding. Her Los Angeles premiere unveiled a stunning body of work featuring exclusive photographs of, “The Peoples House,” in The Obama Collection on President’s Day 2019, in celebration of Black History Month. Ms. Wilding shared not only her photographs (both published and never-before-seen), that have not only achieved critical acclaim and have appeared in magazines, newspapers worldwide as well as on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but offers a look int what many referred to as America’s second Camelot.

Anna Wilding and Celebrate Hope is a rare opportunity to be up close and personal with the stunning and exclusive work of Anna Wilding, who was based at the White House 2015-2017, during the Obama administration.  Experience the rare images of the life of First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama as they inhabit the West and East Wing. An exhibition depicting the hope and dignity that once reigned within in the highest office of the land.

Anna Wilding has been cited as “iconic” for both her work on screen and the lens as a director, photographer, writer, producer and actress/comedian.  After Wilding moved to Washington DC, she became immersed at the White House.  Anna Wilding’s photos have received worldwide critical acclaim and her limited edition fine art prints of the Obama White House hang in private collections on both coasts. To request private showings please go to www.annawilding.net

The Perfect Exposure Gallery is the recognized venue in Southern California to display the work of award winning and accomplished photojournalists, as well as works of photographers that regard artistry and craftsmanship as a standard of excellence.

(Photos:  Raymond Dunn)




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