Herald de Paris HACKED, but will not be deterred.

By jes. on January 12, 2015

je-suis-charlieNEW YORK (Herald de Paris) —  On January 7th, 2015, while a horrific act was playing out in full bloom at another newspaper in Paris, the Herald de Paris was hacked.  More to the point, our database was stolen – wiped clean from our servers.

We have nothing to do with Charlie Hebdo or their content.

Nevertheless, since these attacks occurred on the same day, we can not ignore the coincidence.

The Herald de Paris is published in the United States, and we strive to fairly and evenly cover the global perspective.  Naturally, because of our name, we maintain a French viewpoint, and are proud to do so.

We have worked diligently to restore the Herald de Paris; to restore our entire database; and to restore the full breadth of our news coverage on our website at http://heralddeparis.com .

We believe strongly in the First Amendment of the US Constitution, specifically where it refers to freedom of the press.  We will not be deterred, and we will not stop reporting on world events.

Our sincere condolences to our journalism colleagues in France, and to their families.

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