• Gulf of Mexico oil is not BPs, says NOAA

    By James Sved on January 18, 2011

    LONDON (Herald de Paris) – On August 23, 2010, NOAA stopped producing this document below, which showed the relative location of surface oil slicks from the Deepwater Horizon (MC252) to the Gulf Stream loop current. Why? It would seem that as long as there was an ongoing clean-up, this public information might be vital.

    But one sentence in one of the map notations might explain why, “Because the majority of the oil observed by NOAA NESDIS is now from sources other than the Deepwater Horizon, NESDIS imagery will no longer be included on this graphic.”

    Whaaaaat? Deepwater Horizon oil is still everywhere; the clean-up continues, as evidenced by recent tours of the coastline; BP is still there.

    Is there other oil in the gulf of similar magnitude as to be seen by monitors and both NOAA and ESA satellites? Or is there a concerted effort underway to absolve BP from prolonged clean-up responsibilities by saying that the extant oil isn’t from their disaster? OTHER ARTICLES by Jes Alexander & on this subject  <— (CLIQ)

    granted to established media outlets to report on this story, with proper attribution.


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