GAZE AND GAB: Did Martha have a face-lift?

By James Edward Sved on February 4, 2009

WASHINGTON, DC (The Irreverent Homemaker @ Herald de Paris) – One thing we never want our Herald de Paris or Irreverent Homemaker to be are more gossip-filled paria on the media landscape.  We will never pay a paparazzi for photos taken while hiding in a dumpster; We don’t care if Jessica Simpson had a bloaty week; We do not need to know where little Dani-Lynn, the late pole dancer and drug addict’s daughter is, or what flavor her birthday cake was.  We’ll leave the smutty news to ET.  Nevertheless, sometimes things catch our attention.  Like this:

On the left is Martha Stewart, last month at the Winter Antiques Show opening night benefit, in Manhattan.  She looks fabulous, but contrast that with the photo, right, from a much older Martha leaving the courthouse before her jail sentencing.  There is no way such a remarkable transformation occurred solely from the SPAM and peas diet Martha had in the joint, nor could this be the result of many years of making things with twigs, lavender, and a hot glue gun.

Verdict?  A very good, natural-looking face-lift.


We’re waiting for the denial.  “No no, I just moved the part in my hair from one side to the other.”

Dee Mazy January 20, 2010

The woman is 68 for pete’s sake. Definitely had a facelift. Nothing wrong with that. She looks very good.

Joanne Yinger April 29, 2010

Definitely noticed how great she looked on Charlie Rose recently. I wish I knew who did the work.

Jes Alexander April 29, 2010


Contrary to popular opinion, I really like and admire Martha (no matter what I wrote in 2006). If she did, she did. It was only an observation.

I do wish, however, that people IN GENERAL would not feel the need to deny these sorts of cosmetic improvement — not that I am suggesting Martha denied anything.

IRENE A. MEROLA October 11, 2011

i think martha stewart looks great ! she went through a lot, and she deserves to have some happiness in her life right now. i’m glad her face lift didn’t come out as bab as some stars out there, like for example, Cher, they really did a number on her face, she just doesn’t look natural anymore, where as martha does. there are many more but i haven’t the time to get into them all. GOOD LUCK MARTHA STEWART, YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!!

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