FIRED ACROSS THE BOW: CNN Poll looks suspiciously familiar

By jes. on March 1, 2016

Actual, undoctored mobile phone screen captures of Herald de Paris and CNN articles.

Actual, undoctored mobile phone screen captures of Herald de Paris and CNN articles.

WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) — ¬†This was odd. ¬†Then again, it’s political season and news outlets sometimes harvest the neighbor’s field. We don’t do that. ¬†We stay on our own property. ¬†Over the weekend, we ran two polls – very public polls that we ¬†posted everywhere to garner the most comprehensive results we could. ¬†You can look on ¬†, on Twitter, on Google Plus, on LinkedIn, or on Twitter to see us directing our readers to our Twitter polls. ¬†We cast a wide and very public net and asked two separate poll questions, ‚ÄúIf Donald Trump ran in November against Hillary Clinton who would you vote for?‚ÄĚ and, ¬†‚ÄúIf Donald Trump ran in November against Bernie Sanders who would you vote for?‚Ä̬†

We published our results at 11:52am on Sunday, February 28th, 2016, in an article titled, “Sanders and Clinton would both beat Trump, says Herald de Paris online poll,” topped by three photos of (Left to right), Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders.

This morning, CNN Has a new headline: ¬†“National Poll: ¬†Clinton Sanders both top Trump.”¬†CNN’s article is topped by three photos – Clinton, Trump, and Sanders. ¬†Different photos, but the exact same configuration. ¬†CNN’s article refers to a CNN/ORC poll, allegedly conducted from February 24-27. ¬†ORC International claims to be a, “Leader in business intelligence.”

While the numbers vary, both the Herald de Paris and the CNN/ORC polls both come to the same conclusion – that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would both defeat Donald Trump in a general election.

Given that it is possible that CNN Polling Director¬†Jennifer Agiesta, the author of their article, may have been running a similar poll at the same time, it begs the question why she would not refer to our poll as corroboration of the CNN/ORC results – because they were the same. ¬†Why share a poll with a company called, “ORC International,” and go out of your way to specify it as a National Poll? ¬†The Herald de Paris is an American publication, published in Washington, DC. ¬†Our poll was absolutely a “National” poll, as well.

Granted, the CNN/ORC Poll is far more comprehensive than ours.  We asked just two questions, where CNN/ORC asked many.  Why, then, would CNN focus solely on our headline?  We beat CNN to this story and this headline by 48 hours.

Call it a coincidence if you want. ¬†We’re crying foul.

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