FIRED ACROSS THE BOW: An abuse of the privilege

By jes. on February 22, 2016

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WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) — ¬†This is shameful. ¬†The White House – THE WHITE HOUSE – granted press corps privileges to a freelancer, recently. ¬†Instead of making the most of the opportunity to cover some of the most important news in all the world, the freelancer chose instead to write a snarky piece about the White House Press Corps, itself. ¬†What was the Washington Post thinking, when they published this freelancer’s article?

In the article, the freelancer, Debra Bruno, mocks a journalist because he moonlights to make ends meet, rips into a longtime member of the White House Press Corps with Falstaffian praise without knowing a thing about him, puts down a journalist who still comes to work each day even though his publication is going through difficult times, and worst of all, makes public the most personal information about the declining health of a well-loved and longtime member of the Corps.

Ms. Bruno’s article belongs on TMZ, not the pages of the venerable Washington Post. ¬†And the Post just published the kind of article that would have Mrs. Graham rolling over in her grave, proving that Jeff Bezos and his team have no idea what they bought or what they were doing.

If you are given the great honor of covering the White House, COVER THE WHITE HOUSE, and don’t pick apart the personal lives of those who work there. ¬†You, Ms. Bruno, missed the story.

‚ÄúFIRED ACROSS THE BOW‚ÄĚ is a periodic series, now in its eighth year, in which we discuss the mistakes being made in the news media, the Internet media, and the social media.¬†

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