FIRED ACROSS THE BOW: Alarmingly low numbers.

By jes. on December 14, 2015


WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) — ¬†“But a bit of good news,” White House Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz told me in a closed door meeting today, “Public confidence in the US media is up … to 14% … from 13%.”

PSPEAKSHow is this good news?

It would be logical to assume that with the proliferation of the digital media, with Twitter and Vine and Facebook and Reddit and countless other venues, that the American media would have taken all this exposure and used it positively. ¬†It hasn’t. ¬†Just a few seconds on FOX News, MSNBC, or almost and other major media news outlet proves this to be true.

I have said this for many years – we, the news media, are here to report the news, not make it, not bend it, and not purport it. ¬†I don’t even like “Purport” as a word – it’s like a sneaky way to reportedly report. ¬†My words have fallen upon deaf ears. ¬†So why, exactly, are so-called news media outlets ¬†so comfortable with an approval rating of just 14%? ¬†Most of the media lambaste President Obama for a “Paltry” 47% approval rating, when their own approval rating is 33% lower.

Perhaps this is a chicken-and-egg thing. ¬†You see, in the last Presidential election, only 58.2% of eligible voters turned out to cast a ballot. ¬†And as pathetic as that is, in the last midterm election, less than half of all eligible voters turned out. ¬†My colleagues at the New York Times called it, “The worst voter turnout in 72 years.” ¬†Thus, the majority of those who complained about the American news media are too apathetic to uphold their constitutional right to have a voice in their own government, so who cares what they think about the news?

We do.

Print news, television news, talk radio, all of them, keep moving farther and farther afield to appease their audiences Рbecause greater audiences mean  greater advertising revenue, not because it is the truth.

Maybe if our leaders cared though, their constituents would, too. ¬†According to GovTrack, Maine Republican Susan Collins has not missed a single vote in the US Senate since her election in 1997. ¬†On a more topical note, GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio has missed 7.1% of votes, and fellow candidate Ted Cruz has missed 6.2%*. ¬†On average, the current US Senate class only misses 2.5% of all votes, so we can’t blame the Senate for national apathy. ¬†Not this time.

So here’s my question to you 86% who disapprove of the American media – do you actively watch the news? ¬†Do you read the news? ¬†Do you feel that you are actually want to be informed or do you view the news as a form of entertainment?

Because your voting record indicates the latter.

*While it is true that Illinois Republican Mark Kirk missed a whopping 32.1% of Senate votes during his tenure, he missed considerable time due to his health.

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