Europe: How Many Minutes to Midnight?

By Herald de Paris Contributor's Bureau on November 28, 2018

By Herald de Paris Contributor’s Bureau on April 2, 2016

By Rachel Ehrenfeld
Decades of efforts to avoid stigmatizing Muslims and to understand and address ‘root causes’ of Islamist terrorism have yielded horrific dividends in Europe. Belgium’s 2003 Terrorist Offenses Act criminalizes terrorism and participation in terrorist groups, but gets out its way to exclude Muslim “organization whose real purpose is solely of a political, trade union or philanthropic, philosophical or religious nature, or which solely pursues any other legitimate aim, cannot, as such, be considered a terrorist group.”

Belgium, France, and other European nations are blamed for failing to integrate their Muslim population. While this may be true, it is important to note that Muslim immigrants, increasingly radicalized, refuse to integrate. Instead, the larger the Muslim population in gets the louder their demands for special considerations that often challenge the country’s laws and tradition. They often successfully and sometimes violently demand that their adoptive countries acknowledge and even adhere to Sharia (Islamic law). Imams everywhere preach for and often intimidate Muslim women to demonstrate their modesty and distinction from the infidels by wearing hijab (head scarfs) and even veils, although “there is no provision in the Quran that requires Muslim women to wear a headscarf when they are outside of their homes.”

The intensity and tempo of the effort to radicalize Muslims everywhere, including Europe, increased after al Qaeda’s 9/11 in the U.S., and became more noticeable following the Americans’ and NATO’s invasion of Iraq.

The growing Muslim communities’ efforts to enforce sharia in Europe and elsewhere have been accompanied by increased Saudi and Gulf funding, as well as very large donations from them to European and American academic and cultural institutions.

The spread of Salafist radical groups, such as the global Hizb ut-Tahrir, Tablighi Jamaat, and more recently ISIS proves the effectiveness of the decades-long, $2 trillion’s worth of Saudi funding to foster the indoctrination of Muslims everywhere. This helped create a large base of followers ready for further radicalization, a trend the West has erroneously labeled “self-radicalization.”

Money talks. And when receiving billions of dollars is conditioned on covering cultural monuments symbols of Western civilization, or giving up wine for just a dinner or two as the Italians have last January to please the Iranian president, most Europeans toss hastily aside their national identity, independence, and pride.

Such greed of secular, Left-leaning members of the European Parliament helped in advancing the Islamic agenda by codifying the Islamic narrative, imposing political correctness with new draconian hate- speech laws by the European Parliament, which furthered the silencing of critics everywhere.

Europe was shocked shocked by ISIS’s murderous attack on Charlie Hebdo in January 2015, But Saudi Arabia’s role in initiating and fomenting worldwide Muslim riots to curtail Western free speech has been mostly ignored. However, the Muslims riots following the October 2005 publication of the Muhammad cartoons in Denmark’s largest daily, Jyllands-Posten, began only after Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador to Denmark, which was by Sheikh Osama Khayyat, imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca’s televised praise oof the Saudi government for its action; and after Sheikh Ali Al-Hudaify, Imam of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, called “upon governments, organizations and scholars in the Islamic world to extend support for campaigns protesting the sacrilegious attacks on the Prophet.” The Saudi-controlled Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) initiated and coordinated Muslim rioting worldwide after the Danish Muhammad cartoon publications.

The Europeans, however, turned a blind eye. And as for handling Muslims suspected of terrorism, a Belgian police expert was quoted in February 2014, Council of Europe’s Committee of Experts on Terrorism report, saying that the critical elements of a successful counter-Islamic terrorism strategy include “the empathy one has to entertain with the subject at hand…This empathy has to start with real knowledge of the ‘other’, first empirically, then scientifically, and has to be build upon the units’ contacts in the field. The approach has to be based on neurons, not hormones. Herein probably resides the real Belgian specificity when dealing with jihadi terrorism.”

Similar Stockholm Syndrome-like attitudes are prevalent in European law enforcement and security agencies, not to mention politicians, academicians, and the media.

Decades of supporting politically and financially Palestinian terrorist groups, which began by submission to their blackmail, distorted Europeans views and impaired their ability to identify the rise of radical Islam.

Keffiyeh-clad Middle Easterns were automatically viewed as freedom- fighters against the Israeli occupation. Attacks on Jewish and Israeli targets helped sustain the illusion that Muslim terrorists will not attack Europe. Now, similar looking Middle Easterns, are terrorizing Europe to advance the Islamic caliphate.

The European submission to sharia dictates, failure to understand the danger of genocidal Sunni and Shiite ideologies alike, and eagerness to compromise should worry all freedom-loving, self-respecting nations. Allowing millions of real and pretending Muslim refugees to European cities already compromised by radical Islam, overwhelms all European institutions and seriously threatens Europe, the U.S., and the rest of world.

Could Europe get its act together before it’s too late?

Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld is Founder & CEO of the New York-based American Center for Democracy and the Economic Warfare Institute, and author of FUNDING EVIL: HOW TERRORISM IS FINANCED – and HOW to STOP IT.

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