Donald J. Trump is our President-Elect whether you like it or not

By jes. on November 28, 2018

By James Sved on November 22, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) —  “The world is dangerously distracted,” PR Guru Michael Levine once told me, “People are masturbating digitally, and acting with vapid inanity.”  That was in 2009.  It may as well have been last week, and Levine may as well have been talking about 2016 and the recent presidential election.  “There’s no filter,” Levine added back then, “Any jackass in pajamas can go out there and say whatever they want.”  And there it is – Michael Levine predicted our National conundrum – President-Elect Donald Trump, an arrogant, insecure, digital bully who Tweets anything and everything that comes into his mind.

Who fights with a Broadway musical?  Who hosts Saturday Night Live and then takes offense at … Saturday Night Live?  Anyone who has watched the show, let alone anyone who has hosted it, knows that if there is an elephant in the room, Lorne Michaels will exploit it.  Mr. Trump, you are currently the elephant.  Get used to it.  And you have your hands full if you are going to start sparring verbally with Alec Baldwin, a man known for making 9 year olds cry.

How did we get here?  How did we get to this completely insane place?  Frankly, I blame the US Congress.  You see, they almost lost the country to a bunch of hippie college students and their professors back in 1968.  The long-haired generation were smarter, more inclusive, and better organized.  They held one party in 1969 in Woodstock, New York, and everyone showed up.  Everyone.  But back in 1968 the Congress was at the tipping point – and after they fired those fatal shots that killed four young scholars at Kent State, things began to change.

The Feds instituted a National Department of Education, and kept coming up with new and allegedly better ways to educate, only, American aptitude went down.  How is this possible?  Consider that the plan was not actually to raise the level of education in this country, but to dumb it down, so another 1968 could never happen again.  45 years later and the Feds succeeded – and succeeded a little too well.  Instead of preserving the halls of the US Capitol for themselves like a House of Lords, the idiots they created elected themselves a Lord Jester, who Tweets in his pajamas.

However it is difficult to blame the electorate, because at least they voted.  49% of Americans did not exercise their right to have a voice in their government, and that is, with all due respect, pathetic.  And here is where it gets worse – many of the people taking to the streets to protest Mr. Trump’s election didn’t vote at all.  Of those arrested in Richmond, Virginia last week, nearly 25% had not voted at all.  If you felt so strongly that you were willing to get arrested over the presumptive nominee, then why didn’t you vote?  You could have been celebrating, instead.

And that is the confounding thing going on right now – passive aggressive apathy.  We have an entire generation of self-entitled hipsters who spend too much time brewing beer at home, and sitting in coffee houses that charge too much for coffee, texting each other protest plans on $1,000 iPhones, but are too lazy and apathetic to A. vote, or B. shave.  And now they are wandering around in the streets like lost sheep, trying to understand why the registered voters who actually went to the polls elected the Tweeting addict instead of a corrupt Grandma.  Did they actually think that by not voting, their beloved socialist Grandpa was going to end up in the White House?  That isn’t how a democratic republic works, folks, and I refer you back to the previously mentioned dumbing down of the populous, since you probably forgot it already.  You should have known this, and you didn’t.  So to you apathetic millions I say this:  You brought this upon yourselves.

Quit calculating the statistics on how many electoral college voters have to reverse their votes to get Hillary inaugurated.  Quit it, because the country would be just as confused and scared had the election turned out the other way.  Look, any intelligent person will agree that it is high time that a woman could be the President.  With all respect to Mrs. Clinton, now is not her time.  Her time was 2008, and her own party went in another direction and secured the presidency for Barack Obama.  You took the deal, Hillary, and the position of Secretary of State, and the promise of a nomination later, and the DNC kept their promise, but your time was past.

Meanwhile, we’re stuck with Boris Badenov and Natasha in the White House … But wait – Natasha doesn’t want to leave her golden sky palace, so instead the City of New York and the American public have to pay for Boris and Natasha’s trial separation. Don’t feel sorry for Boris, he has the Children, Bevis, another Bevis, and the Devil in Prada around to prop him up.  Exactly why does Ivanka keep turning up in her father’s impromptu meetings with the Japanese delegation, or on calls with the Argentinian President?  Sooner or later, some moose and squirrel from Capitol Hill are going to call Boris Badenov on it, and take away his launch codes.

But until that happens, we’re stuck with this trigger-happy Twitter addict running around like Bluto Blutarsky gloating, saying, “Hey you screwed up – you trusted us.”

And speaking of gloating, quit gloating, media.  This is your fault, too.  Once upon a time, Walter Cronkite ended each news show with, “And that’s the way it is.”  And Uncle Walter meant it.  But news isn’t that, anymore.  Now the mantra is, “And that’s the way we want you to see it,” and it is repugnant.  Monday, Mr. Trump met with the media,  and CNN’s President, Jeff Zucker, tried to impress on Mr. Trump the importance of the media.  Based on Zucker’s rhetoric after the meeting, it was like talking to a brick wall.  “I think it’s safe to say that  based on some of what we saw during the campaign, we have some reason for concern,” Zucker said.

Then, just last night, CNN had the audacity to have a debate about whether Jews were even people.  Forgive me for this, but if they aren’t going to bleep David Chappelle, you aren’t going to bleep me:  WHAT THE FUCK?  Where were you, Jeff Zucker, to press CRTL-ALT-DELETE and get that ALT-RT crap off the air?  Where is the retraction?  Where is the corporate apology?  And you’re Jewish, Zucker – are you a man or a mensch?  Don’t claim to hold the President-Elect’s feet to the fire, then roll over to his misguided supporters.

CNN, Fox News, NBC, the New York Times … all of you and almost every other media outlet, you helped cause this because you thought Trump was entertaining and you decided you could charge more for ads for erectile dysfunction medication if you steered people towards or away from the orange ringmaster.  The First Amendment calls you out specifically, and charges you with the task of holding our government’s feet to the fire.  Instead, you supplied the gasoline and matches, and you should be ashamed.  Just after the election, CNN ran a graphic about Mr. Trump’s, “Transition to Power.”  You idiots, he isn’t a dictator, Mr. Trump is transitioning into OFFICE.  Elected office.  Quit fanning the flames and start doing your jobs – accurately.  I know you know this, Anderson Cooper – we went to the same school.

Here’s the thing- if you are an American citizen, Donald J. Trump is your President-Elect whether you like it or not.  There is no point in saying, “He’s not my President,” because unless you and your cul-de-sac are going to secede, he is about to be.  “The fault, dear Brutus,” Shakespeare wrote, “Lies not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

Mr. Trump – we all want you to succeed.  We all want you to turn out to be a terrific president because if you are, we all win.  But you can’t succeed in a nation this diverse by appointing bigots, anti-semites, and men of questionable ethics and methodologies to your cabinet.  You can’t smirk and say, “I don’t know why the Neo-Nazis and the KKK like me.”  You have to take this appointment seriously – and it is just that, an appointment – and step up and condone those who do not espouse the values inherent in our Constitution.  Your job is to unite us, not divide us.

It is time you start acting the part.

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