Dakota Access Pipeline Halted

By jes. on November 28, 2018

Standing Rock Sioux Territory (Herald de Paris) —  Three hours after our exposé on who owns the and governs the land where the Dakota Access Pipeline was being built, the US Army Corps of Engineers issued an announcement that it was denied a key easement this afternoon, and without it, they would be halting the current planned program for the pipeline.

Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, issued the following on her Twitter account:

“We have been working diligently, digging deeply into our connections in cultural resources to bear on this matter,  doing the hard work to locate the primary sources and to interpret them, page by page, made the calls required, and inquired of the parties on both sides, over the past three weeks.   Another example of a concerted and enlightened independent media exercising their (Our) First Amendment rights to ensure that checks and balances remain fair and unbiased.”

We are thrilled to have played our part in ensuring that the rights of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation were not violated.  We will continue to work to ensure that the Sioux, and all Americans, are fairly treated by our elected, appointed, and salaried officials.  It’s what we do.

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