CROSSROADS: The un-vegan vegan.

By Herald de Paris Contributor's Bureau on April 6, 2015


By Anna Wilding
HOLLYWOOD (Herald de Paris) —  Crossroads is a wonderful steakhouse on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, where celebrities, the hoi polloi, and anyone who is anyone, meets to dine these days.  Sumptuous leather booths and warm lighting reminds one of a luxurious New York speakeasy, where times are good, conversation high, and the music rocks you into a happy frame of mind that will last you all week.  Okay, we are kidding.  This is all true except the first part. ­

Crossroads is not a steakhouse but a fine dining Vegan restaurant modeled on a steakhouse.

summer-food-1Put simply , the owners – a team that includes the well known and accomplished Chef Tal Ronnen – have done an outstanding job to shy away from the typical antiseptic Vegan eatery, and create a magnificent restaurant that is actually a joy and delight to go to.  We were there on a packed evening, and had a table of about six.  It was a night of merriment and each experimental dish fit right in.

The restaurant offers Mediterranean small themed dishes, akin to tapas.  The dishes are creative, unique, and unlikely to be matched anywhere else in the world.  We wrapped our heads around Artichoke Oysters which were sublime and dishes bursting with flavor such such as porcini crusted smoked eggplant. and pappardelle Bolognese.

Crossroads is expensive as the dishes are delicate and small , however it well worth the visit and deserves it’s reputation as one of the best destination restaurants in Los Angeles.

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