• Did a major publishing house plagiarize the title of a questionable new White House novel from another author?

    By Anna Wilding on August 7, 2018

    OP ED (Herald de Paris) —  I didn’t sleep with anyone at the White House like this girl, Beck Stein.  Similarly, I didn’t accept or presume little girl waves from the President were meant solely for me;  share athletic equipment with the POTUS, or make eyes at the leader of the western world.  I was there to do a job. It took grit, stamina, guts and patience – A lot of patience.  It also took an innate sense of non-partisanship, and an understanding of professional ethics.

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  • To Boldly Go … Into the Blue.

    By admin on July 23, 2018

      By James Edward Sved WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) — I never expected to revisit this. Nearly eight years have past since we first introduced you to a small group of off-road bicycle tourists, who started pedaling in Alaska. When we caught up with them, they were in year three of their adventure, and they had made […]

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  • FIRED ACROSS THE BOW: An abuse of the privilege

    By jes. on February 22, 2016

    publisher speaks

    OP ED WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) —  This is shameful.  The White House – THE WHITE HOUSE – granted press corps privileges to a freelancer, recently.  Instead of making the most of the opportunity to cover some of the most important news in all the world, the freelancer chose instead to write a snarky […]

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  • The Revolutionizing of America in 2016

    By Anna Wilding on February 18, 2016


    OP ED WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) —  A new NBC Poll today shows that Senator Ted Cruz is now leading the ranks in the GOP field.  Cruz has nudged just ahead of entertainer and businessman Donald Trump. The net result of the new poll figures shows Governor Jeb Bush at the bottom of the […]

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  • FIRED ACROSS THE BOW: Alarmingly low numbers.

    By jes. on December 14, 2015


    OP ED WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) —  “But a bit of good news,” White House Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz told me in a closed door meeting today, “Public confidence in the US media is up … to 14% … from 13%.” How is this good news? It […]

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  • Reporting from the Front.

    By jes. on November 19, 2015


    WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) — “I don’t know how many times we’ve been asked if we’re at war with ISIL, and I don’t know how many times we’ve said, yes, we are at war with ISIL. We have been engaged in a war with ISIL for some time now,” Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speech writing, Benjamin J. Rhodes said today. “The fact of the matter is, the United States was engaged in a war with ISIL’s predecessor, al Qaeda in Iraq. So, yes, we do believe we are at war. We are at war with a terrorist network, a lethal terrorist network. We’re at war with ISIL, just as we’re at war with al Qaeda and its affiliates.”
    These words resonated over and over when I first heard them this morning, and they caught my attention again when I read the transcript of today’s briefing. The United States and its allies are very much at war. What makes this war different from others is that there is no front – or more to the point – the front in this war on terrorism might be, has been, and very well could be wherever you are, be it Paris, or Washington, DC, or London, or New York, or Moscow. This front could be in Iowa, or in the Bahamas. This war is not taking place only in some far off land like Syria or Iraq, it is right on your doorstep.

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  • Michelle Obama Wants Girls to Learn Safely Worldwide

    By Herald de Paris Contributor's Bureau on November 2, 2015

    OP ED First Lady Michelle Obama: Let Girls Learn Addressing the global crisis in girls’ education requires not just investment, but challenging cultural beliefs and practices. Right now, 62 million girls worldwide are not in school. They’re receiving no formal education at all—no reading, no writing, no math—none of the basic skills they need to […]

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  • Chase Utley was out

    By jes. on October 11, 2015


    LOS ANGELES (Herald de Paris) — Last night’s loss by the New York , in NLDS game 2 with the Dodgers in Los Angeles was tainted by a blown interpretation on the Major League Baseball Rule Book by MLB umpires.
    In the 7th inning, with the Dodgers rallying, Howie Kendrick hit a ground ball to Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy. Murphy flipped the ball to Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada, who was in the process of turning a double play when the runner moving from first base to second, Chase Utley, slid not towards the base, but instead directly at the spinning Tejada.
    Chase Utley broke Ruben Tejada’s leg. Almost more shockingly, however, Utley was also ruled safe.
    This was a gross violation of MLB rules.

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  • Trump or Obama, Arctic Melt , Days on Capitol Hill

    By Herald de Paris Contributor's Bureau on October 1, 2015

    WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) —  Barack Obama is the President of the United States, not Donald Trump. I am intrigued somewhat as to why, when it is announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin attacked Syria, that instead of Obama on the CNN front page yesterday, September 30, we had instead a large picture of Donald […]

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    By Herald de Paris Contributor's Bureau on April 29, 2015

    _Edward Callaghan

    NEW YORK — Noted arts and entertainment publicist, Edward T. Callaghan, of Manhattan and Southampton, died at home of complications from cancer on April 25th, it was confirmed today by his brother, John Callaghan. He was 66 years old. Ed Callaghan, as he was generally known to press, clients and colleagues, had been a virtual […]

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