• Chef Peter Chang – Best noodles on the planet at NOODLES AND DUMPLINGS

    By Anna Wilding on April 13, 2017

    Richmond, Virginia (Herald de Paris) —  You know the noodles.The pasty, doughy noodles served up in bowls and on plates around the country.  Soggy, prepared as a blanched white soup that look like they have spent the night in the bleach in your washing machine – or, perhaps,  the ones served on a flat plate. Noodles deep fried within two millimeters of their cylindrical 3 millimeter wide life, covered in some kind of sticky brown gunge that could be confused with brown algae but for the chili sauce hastily thrown in for good measure. Goodness knows we have all had these dishes, eaten them and accepted them into our food regime along with burritos to go, hamburgers and questionable pizzas.


    Well,  guess what?  Thankfully, THESE ARE NOT THOSE NOODLES.

    The noodles at Noodles and Dumplings in Richmond Virginia, make one wonder if these noodles even come from the same planet.

    Chef Peter Chang is being a positive disruptor once more to the bulk of   Szechuan cooking found in the United States.

    A new enterprise and Chef Chang takes us, yet again, on a food journey to somewhere exotic, to destinations that our taste buds know are out there but have not ventured to yet.   Chef Peter Chang darts about greeting guests in his restaurants, welcoming them into his, “Living room,” like a bright dragonfly alighting its fireball of energy right in front of you.  One cannot but wonder at the marvel of the man who spent his  formative years in China becoming one of it’s top “cook’s”, then cooking for the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC, before finally choosing the conservative Commonwealth of Virgnia to shake up the populations taste buds. As industry recognitions start to rain  in on Chef Chang, including from the James Beard Foundation, one wonders why he is treating you and all his guests like stars, when he is the one dazzling the senses – and we are just  grateful to be eating such fabulous cooking.

    Our guest looks across from me: “I think I will go for more. ” My guest has had 3 full platefuls of a diverse array of noodles already. My guest looks around “Have you noticed everyone is smiling here-  Happy, laughing and smiling. Every single person.”

    Sure enough, at Noodles and Dumplings in Richmond – Virginia- for a mere moment seems to have actually shaken off it’s conservative wrought nature and is enjoying itself unfettered and uninhibited. Suddenly, I am in Los Angeles or New York again, participating in the joy of the world.

    Can it be put down to the noodles staring and blinking their naughty heads at me- “try me, just one more time, go on I dare”

    Um yes..I think yes.

    As Chef Chang  pirouttes delightfully across his stage one more time – a spoonful of this here, and pinch of that there, ever tasting, ever checking,  I manage to get a quick glimpse of the man pulling the home made noodles. Chef Chang laughs and with a big grin says, “Oh no I don’t know how to pull the noodles , I just cook!

    “Just cooking”…. hmm. I think it’s a bit more than that. Welcome to the delightfully spinning  and taste bud exploding world of Chef Peter Chang – from a Chinese cook to one of the best Chef’s in the world.

    Noodles and Dumplings is in Short Pump Richmond Virginia and open for lunch and dinner


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