Celebrities turning to Bee Venom skincare

By jes. on October 13, 2012

NEW YORK (Herald de Paris) — Since last spring, when it was reported that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, prepared her skin prior to her marriage to William, the Duke of Cambridge, with a mask made of bee venom, celebrities around the world have turned to the highly effective properties of the natural compound as an alternative to injectable fillers.  Bee venom was reportedly first introduced to Ms. Middleton by Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, but it has been reported that Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, and others have discovered the remarkable properties that bee venom offers.

Now come reports that some bee venom facial products are not as effective as others, due to the quality of the principal ingredients.  “Some of the bee venom being used by copycat manufacturers comes from bees residing in industrialized and polluted sites.  This can cause bacteria in the hives,” says an industry manufacturer.

The purest bee venom is difficult to harvest and obtain, and comes from remote sites in the North and South Island of New Zealand.  Artificially manufacturing this main ingredient is not possible.  But some skincare manufacturers in New Zealand are cutting costs by using bee venom from offshore and polluted sites, or are using honey with minuscule traces of bee venom in it, in place of the important principal ingredient, and still calling it pure New Zealand bee venom.

One company that is proven to use South Island bee venom in its raw and pure form is Kalon Skincare, where the company’s founder, actress and director Anna Wilding, personally visits the hives to ensure that only the best practices are used with no harm to the bees.  Since its launch earlier this year, Anna’s Pocket Bee Venom Vitality Cream Mask has been named as the hottest new skincare product on Amazon, and hailed as one of the top 15 moisturizers in the world, alongside products by established commercial skincare manufacturers such as Lancome, L’Oreal, and Philosophy, to name but a few.

Ms. Wilding says that her cream appears to ease fine lines and wrinkles, but is also getting incredible feedback from those with problem skin, and for those who wish to tone and even out blemishes on their skin.  It has a brightening effect, and is, “The perfect facial pick-me-up,” before a special event.  Kalon Skincare is available in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, and is about to be introduced to the luxury market in China and Hong Kong.  Ms. Wilding says her company is growing rapidly based on good feedback and solid word-of-mouth.

As injectable fillers are now becoming more and more mainstream, the celebrities who are often at the forefront of beauty developments and trends are returning to nature.  In the skincare game, the industry is again trending towards naturally-sourced ingredients and clean products.

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