Cattleyard Cafe, Amarillo to Inn on Paseo, Santa Fe, to Bliss at Ten Thousand Waves Spa

By Herald de Paris Contributor's Bureau on June 15, 2013


By Anna Wilding
FLAGSTAFF (Herald de Paris) — Phew. What a day. I am not sure how to start writing about this day, it was so full. In fact, most of this day, for me, will be told on camera. So please check for the completed extended film clips of the entire journey in three weeks.

003The moring started early. Eric Miller, of Amarillo Tourism, was gracious enough to show us a local cafe literally based at the Cattleyards. As Amarillo says, “This is the real Texas.” It is a feat to get me into a cattleyard for breakfast given I am vegetarian, but my family’s history with cattle almost put me on home turf. There was no acuiton in the yards this day, but the cafe was full of regular Amarillo folk, many who weren’t ranchers. I watched the boys wolf down biscuits and gravy. I never quite got the whole biscuit and gravy thing. For me, it is like English scones with gravy instead of strawberry cream and jam. Mind you, biscuits on their own are much lighter, fluffier and more buttery than scones and sans gravy, they are pretty good.

We headed then out to Santa Fe.

The road was full of adventure, and we ended up spending part of the road jounrney with a very dapper French couple, Vivienne and Abner, who were driving seperate big rigs. You have to watch the film clips in a few weeks to understand how this all came about.

042The desert was incredible the way it changed hues, shapes colors. I loved it. I had noticed it before evne driving to Las Vegas form L.A. in the past, however, of course the desert in Texas and New Mexico is compeltely different.

Santa fe is unique and gorgeous. I was thankful for the large, graciously appointed king bedroom at the Inn on the Paseo, and it was pretty much decided we were going to rest up. That is, naturally, after a private bath atthe Ten Thosuand Waves Spa. Nestled at the top of the little mountain, it was a delight and treat. Modelled after luxury Japanese bath houses, Ten Thousand Waves is sublime, tranquil and worth the visit to Santa Fe. That and the Pueblo Santa Fe architecture. I think I had one of the most blissful moments of my life, asleep in our private outdoor area under the stars, while the spa bubbled.

001The whole point of being there was to be in the spa but in all honesty, having your own private outdoor spa, with an open-air resting area and the roof and sides open to the heavens and mountainside, and dusk and night time falling it was hard to do anything but sleep. My tiredness became secondary to the spa itself, and my thoughts soon turned to blissful dreams of being in Africa in a tent. I eventually arose from my slumber and immersed myself into the soothing spa waters. Fabulous. The rain softly fell, the stars shone in the sky when the rain passed. There was nothing contrived about Ten Thousand Waves – natural, open air, private – put simply one of the best and most effective spa experiences in the world.

It was an easy five minute drive down the hill to Inn on the Paseo, via the baseball field, to our room. A lush picking of fresh fruit was availble for all guests. These are thoughtfully left by friendly and new Inn Manager, Rebecca (who is also a budding Egyptolisgt), and were accompaniced by herbal teas and luscious home baked chocolate chip cookies. It is a very lovely Inn and provides a welcoming ambience. I thorouhgly recommend Inn on the Paseo and I am going to sleep looking forward to the fresh home made breakfast, cooked by Erin, that will await us in the morning.

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