Bouchon Beverly Hills’ limited-run breakfast – mark your calendars NOW.

By James Edward Sved on March 3, 2015

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PSPEAKSBEVERLY HILLS (Herald de Paris) — ¬†There are few things more rewarding than an authentic meal, prepared properly and served in the open air of morning. ¬†In Beverly Hills, such an opportunity occurs only two weeks out of every year, when Chef Thomas Keller opens his Bistro, Bouchon, Beverly Hills, during the two weeks leading up to the Academy Awards.

Bouchon’s breakfast menu, from the delectably expected pastries from Bouchon’s own bakery to standard bacon and eggs to an exquisite and authentic¬†Hachage de canard √† l’oeuf, is compact, but there is something for everyone.

On the Friday before the Academy Awards, we stopped in for breakfast. ¬†We were seated on the patio, the sun shining. ¬†Van Morrison crossed the patio on his way to Bouchon’s Bakery. ¬†Sitting at the table across from us were none other than Chef Keller and his wife, Laura. ¬†We chatted briefly, but the Chef was preparing to feed the masses at the upcoming Vanity Fair party … and I was preparing to devour a generous plate of¬†Hachage de canard √† l’oeuf.

The Duck hash really is exquisite. ¬†The flavors don’t scream, “Breakfast food,” in a traditional American way, but if you were, for example, a wealthy Parisian business owner accustomed to well prepared dishes, Keller’s¬†Hachage de canard not only fits the bill, it might also remind that Parisian businessman of the farm-to-table goodness of his grandmother’s cooking; early mornings in the dew-filled valleys of the Bordeaux region; and sleeping with the windows open.

The preamble to the 2016 Academy Awards begins in about 345 days. ¬†Mark your calendar RIGHT NOW, so you don’t miss the opportunity to visit Bouchon Beverly Hills for breakfast. ¬†You’ll be so, so glad you did.


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